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  1. There are those in the motorcycle industry and customers that will condemn Harley Davidson regardless of what they do. For starters, the VROD is equipped with the revolution engine, based off the super bike VR1000. it underwent 500 hours of grueling endurance tests, from the blistering Arizona heat to the autobahn. Component parts were exposed to extreme and punishing simulations of all different riding and weather conditions. The VROD was the first bike to use hydro forming when creating the frame. This allows for much less welding sites. The VROD will not rust anymore than any other bike and can't be beat in terms of fit and finish. By the way, the performance numbers were inaccurate. The VROD produces 125 horsepower and 85 foot pounds of torque, with a top speed of 145 to 150 miles per hour. In terms of handling, many people found it to be quite agile. Perhaps it has more to do with the skill of the rider rather than the bike. The VROD wasn't an afterthought. It took six years, millions of dollars, and countless modifications until it was released in 2001. As with all Harley Davidson's, the VROD was done right and the results speak for themselves.

  2. 2003 V-Rod Anni, 16,000 miles, no maintenance problems at all, seat comfort and handlebar position the only negative and this is a large negative after 50-75 miles. Small gas tank provides no more than 120 miles per fill up. But its smooth, fast and fun to ride. It would not be my first or only motorcycle, I enjoy it because I have owned 6 other Harley's and wanted to experience something completely different, and it does not disappoint

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