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  1. i own a nice 2014 rocket, but really like the looks of the vrod. i like all styles because all of them give you the wind and freedom when riding.

  2. I have had mine since August of 2010. Love it! My wife got a 2006 Screaming Eagle V Rod a year after I got mine. Love riding together! BTW-It's my first bike, and most of my riding experience was gained with a group of balls-out knee draggers on river road early Sunday mornings. I have since upgraded to Continental Race Attack custom tires on both our V Rods. Sticky great tires!

  3. The performance numbers sited on the review were partially correct. The VROD has one hundred and twenty five horsepower. But, it has a much higher top speed the 120mph. You could do 120 on a regular Harley. The more accurate top speed is pushing 150mph.

  4. This is a good review.  I've had my 2015 Muscle for about a month now, and it's a great bike. I think especially so for someone coming off a sportbike like myself.  I put 20k miles on my 2013 Ninja 636, and I would push it a little too much on the street.  I'm having a blast pushing the V-Rod, and I don't feel like I'm lacking a thing for street riding.  For me, this one is a keeper.

  5. Funny to listen to, it sounds like they are inventing the wheel a second time. This kind of work and kind of engines has the japanese done for decades. But only because it is Harley must it be so special…….LOL. And what they are doing is a crude copy of the V-max.

  6. I think that I like it , it's different and interesting. Nothing else looks like it. The most not-Harley of the Harleys, I love that motor.

  7. I'm old school but i really like the v-rod and this muscle.great looking bike and great performance to match.would like one sitting next to my street glide special.love all harleys and this bike is quickly becoming one of my favorites!

  8. My 2011 V-Rod Muscle has almost 30,000 miles. They are not a "nightmare" to service. Getting to the battery, the spark plugs, and changing the oil is a piece of cake. And the 240mm rear tire DOES NOT adversely affect the handling of this bike. Either you truly know how to ride, or you don't. I'm tired of people who can't afford a H-D or haven't owned a Muscle giving their misinformed, second hand reviews of this bike. BTW, I frequently ride mine for hours at a time without any discomfort or complaints. The V-Rod Muscle is fun to ride, a comfortable cruiser, and DOES NOT look like every other Harley on the road.
     If you haven't owned a Muscle please STFU and stop hating. Ride whatever you ride and try to enjoy it.

  9. Nice video. Good, fair review.
    I've got a 2014 VRod Muscle and I've put 11,000 miles on it so far with zero problems. It runs like a dream. It's not a sport bike, but rolling on that throttle out of a curve is spectacular! As the man says, it handles better than you would expect.

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