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  1. Man I want 1 of these. Though the thing about it easely burning your leggs is kinda creeepy. As for your Porsh comment, yes I bet it does sound porshish. Remember the V-Rod was a Project Harly and Porsh did together.

  2. People like to rag on Harley quality cause they had a reputation for leaks and such back in the 80s. Stigmas die hard I guess. Also they have a very industrial look to them so people tend to have this "it looks old so it must be worn out" mindset when it comes to them

  3. I.There is a great deal of misinformation on the V-Rod in this video.

    1. It is not a "Porsche designed engine and Porsche designed bike." It is Harley designed from top to bottom, including the engine which is based on the Harley VR1000 race engine. Porsche contributed to the design of the engine though it was a collaborative effort.

    2. You state that the engine is not water cooled. It most definitely is. The "Revolution" engine is the most advanced engine Harley has built. Water Cooled V-Twin, overhead cam, sweet. The "Revolution" is also now being used on a new line of bikes called the Street series. The "Revolution-x" can be found on the Street 500 and the Street 750.

    3. It is not a chopper. It is no more a chopper than the Yamaha Vmax or the Triumph Rocket III or the Ducati Diavel. All of these bikes are similar heavy cruisers that offer sport bike like performance. Some people call them sport-cruisers. But chopper? Nope. Wrong description. Might as well call it a cafe racer.

    The V-rod and it's sister bike the Night Rod Special are not meant to be ridden as you did in this video, putter around town. They are high-performance bikes meant to eat up open road quickly. Perhaps Abu Dhabi is not the right environment for them, but don't blame the bike.

    The V-Rod is the most technically advanced bike Harley has ever built. Unfortunately because of what it is, it has been discontinued. Harley purists don't want technically advanced. They want the same old clunky, rattling Harley they love so deeply. At the same time, Harley did such a poor job of advertising the bike that people who might be interested, have never heard of it. I.e. people who want that Harley name, but want a modern motorcycle. Even many Harley riders have never heard of it. It's a shame. It is a wonderful motorcycle.

    I'm actually considering buying 2 before you can't get them anymore.

    This motorcycle was considered so revolutionary for Harley that there is a documentary on the beast. It can be found here on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpsGwZWvMf0

    You can find a proper review of the bike here: https://youtu.be/bXMPTWZH6ME

  4. When you burn your leg on the exhaust pipe , in the us we call that welcome to the club every harly rider has done it at least once

  5. Not a bike I'd be interested in for many reasons but respect the people that own them. Brakes, handling, forward foot position, weight and big price were probably my biggest issue with this bike as well.

  6. dude, awesome !!! n u know what, at 13:56 in your video, u went past my office where i m sitting n watching this right now…the building on ur left named All prints !!! lol.
    I live in AbuDhabi. got this link from DubaiPetrolHeads today.
    funny !

    cheers ! +CagerOnTwoWheels

  7. Nice review. Proves again to me that Harley's are way over priced, you have to literally turn the handle bars to turn and really can't lean into a turn,  Pegs and exhaust stick out to far and can easily scrape the pavement.  Definitely not my cup of tea.

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