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I love anything to do with Harley Davidson and have two beautiful children and a beautiful partner. In my spare time i like building websites and love anything to do with the internet.


  1. v Rod 최고속도는 얼마나 나오나요?쑝카(R차)하고 속도 비교 할수도 있나요?할리하면 배기량은 높은데 비해 동급 다른 바이크랑 비교하면 왠지 느림보 같은 각인이 돼 있어서요

  2. Pratheepธุรกิจโฆษาณาสินค้าท้องถิ่นบนyoutube says:


  3. Beautiful bikes but what I have found out about custom bikes. When they break down and they will none will touch them. I have had 2 and I'm done with that lol.

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