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harley davidson tri glide test r
harley davidson tri glide test r

Harley Built Trike! | A True Harley, but…! | A Beautiful Bike!

I’m always getting asked about Harley Tri-Glide’ vs Can-Am Spyder’s. While this is not a comparison video, I talk about my thoughts of riding a conventional trikes…
Hope you enjoy the ride and video!

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Shawn Smoak
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Toledo, WA 98591
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  1. Bought a 2017 Tri Glide Ultra. After going to 3 wheels, I'll never look back. Love my Trike. Normal riding will not tip this trike over. Aggressive riding will not. Crazy riding might lift a tire up, but get off throttle and wheel goes back down. I feel much more safe on my trike than I ever did on my Road King. A trike is a very stable platform. I am learning to take curves faster than before and my Tri glide turns on a dime. Never had an issue with tipping or back wheel lifting.

  2. Take a trike class? Spyders are for Grandmas or children with the nanny control. I have ridden both as I'm an instructor and I much prefer a traditional trike

  3. The ability of a trike has to do more with the person riding it than anything else. Brush up on your riding skills and you'll be fine.

  4. Why don't you go to a Harley dealer and test ride one of the new one's. I'm sure we would love to see a video of what your thoughts are on the Rushmore model's. I have a 2015 tri-glide. I put a lift kit on it which makes it easier to steer around corners. Most times I can steer with one hand around a corner with ease. The lift kit does make a difference.

  5. I remember our conversation about trike's and spyders just a little while ago, and here you are riding one of those things.
    Like you say, they do look nice, but I think I'll stick to two wheels thanks. ;o)
    Sorry, but the shield on that Breakout destroys the look of the gorgeous bike. Just my opinion.
    Nice one Shawn.

  6. That's the first Breakout I've seen with a fairing. Looked cool but not sure how I feel about it. Lol. The Tri-Glide must be pretty comfy on long trips, just not sure I'd ever get comfortable with a trike. Although someday when my body is too beat up, I'll probably get one.

  7. I keep hearing about recalls on the new harley V Twins for all types of things. i don't think I'd buy one even if I were in the market for a new bike for a couple years and they get all the bugs worked out

  8. what the hell is that mirror thing on the tank? Notice you get the same tick tick sound on that as the road king?
    Look at those mufflers on that breakout that things gotta be loud.

  9. That Tri-Glide is a little fancier than my '58 but it is more exciting on a rigid frame, straight axle, and a pogo stick. And…I have a heck of a lot more trunk space.

    Nice to see a shop full of Indians.

  10. I never liked those trikes, would't own one to save my life. Id sooner take a can am all decked out . I see those things, and all I think about is those old 3 wheel atv's that used flip on people. However, if this is what people like … no biggie, I'll still wave to ya … lol..

  11. A friend traded in his 2012 Tri Glide for a 2015 Tri Glide , I rode both , to me two different rides, I don't know what HD did, but 2015 is a sweet ride, I'm just not ready for 3 wheels yet, if you ever get a chance , would like you review on the HD's  new Freewheeler.

  12. I know what you mean about kick stands and big Harleys! I've ridden an Ultra Classic for almost a year and a half and I still think she's going over half of the time!

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