Harley Davidson to lay off Wisconsin employees

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Harley Davidson is laying off 180 employees, according to a union representative with United Steelworkers District 2.

The director of the district said the employees will be laid off from the Milwaukee and Kansas City plants. However, Harley Davidson has not released any details of the layoffs.

The Milwaukee based business has a plant in Tomahawk and a dealer in Wausau. Doug Locke has been the owner of the dealer in Wausau for years.

“It won’t affect us at all at this time,” said Locke. “It’s not affecting our allocation at least in this part of the district, our sales are still strong, our market it still pretty fair up here.”

The company announced that they will be reducing production and shipping of motorcycles, but Locke said that won’t be the case in Wausau at this time.

“Probably the larger markets are the ones going to more affected,” said Locke.

Mike Casey is an avid rider of Harley Davidson motorcycles, he said over the years he has seen a shift.

“Years ago back in the 90’s and the early 00’s it was, you couldn’t find a Harley to buy unless you got on a waiting list,” said Locke. “Now they’re all over the place people are trying to sell them.”

Casey said he doesn’t know exactly why the shift in what he’s seen people riding, but he has a few guesses.

“It’s not drawing a younger crowd, plus money is tight,” said Casey.  “People still want them they just have to get the younger people into them I think, somehow.”

Locke said he isn’t worried about his location.

In August, 2016, Harley Davidson did lay off 39 employees at the Tomahawk plant. Right now there have been no indicators that the layoffs will impact the Tomahawk plant at this time.

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