Harley-Davidson: The Spirit of America – THE MOVIE

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Harley-Davidson: The Spirit of America - THE MOVIE

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Experience the great American love of motorcycles up close with three generations of the Grandsire family, whose trip from California to Milwaukee is just one of the unforgettable chapters in this sprawling, patriotic look at a modern legend. The film highlights the many worlds and personalities of the Harley nation such as the bikers and women of Harley, Hells Angels, the 100th birthday bash in Milwakuee, the 9-11 Patriot Ride, Palm Springs, the Love Ride and many others.
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  1. Biker gangs that have rules, dues, and uniforms, but they are individuals and I'm just some nerd on a Street Bob. I love my Harley, but this guy at 4:00 is the reason I ride alone.

  2. I wouldn't be intimidated by the Angels. Hell we all ride HDs, so they wouldn't give me a hard time. I got the same tough man look as they do, except I wont share the ole lady. Its good, they don't sheer me.

  3. Much of this video is BS. Such as the women of harley being able to ride the big harleys. NOT TRUE. I am not a sexist person here, but unless a woman is at least 5ft 10 and has some bulging muscles in her arms there is NO WAY she can lift a 650lb to 750lb or even a 580lb big twin harley off its kick stand. I am age 60 and have owned a selection of harleys and actually owned back in 1989 a special built harley (by someone else) that was a sportster that most guys couldnt even lift off of its kick stand. It was a 77 sportster 1000 and weighed 683lbs. Then they say a sportster today is more for a woman? BS I say again because the sportster has a higher seat height usually than the biggest harley does. In this life talk is bull chit most always and reality of hands on is real. To prove what I am saying (even though I am only half way through the video) you will NOT SEE any woman *unless she has bulging upper muscles as a I described above, get on any soft ail or big harley and even lift it off its kick stand. Now im going to watch the second half of this video and see what other fabrications are in it

  4. in late 40's and early 50's Indian came out with alot of smaller cc bike's , no one bought them so they folded. Harley seen that and didnt make the same move. They imported them ( the Hummer ) they did not want to invest and fail like Indian. Then with Honda the smaller bikes started selling , Indian was ahead of its time. Harley tried a few more imports and in 69 they had a baja 100cc , that won a major race in the desert. But they sold out to AMF which didnt start doing any work on the designs till 1979. I have a 1998 1200cc Sportster it has 86,500 miles on it and has not had the engine apart yet , still on the 1st clutch even. Sportster is the longest running production bike in the world , since 1957 they been making them. I can get parts for my old 1979 HD and my 98 no problems. But I also own a few old Honda''s which I can not get parts for. Been all over the west with my bike .

  5. Christ this is a cheesy film, clearly a product of the marketing department trying to sell a lifestyle, and here was me expecting it to be about the bloody bikes! I've had some of the best times of my life say between the wheels of a Harley but all this marketing/lifestyle/mall effect dealerships crap, just pisses me off.

  6. Its funny how all the metric riders come on Harley videos to cry and whine. They're just jealous because, when they see videos like this. With all the fun that Harley riders are having, they feel left out. Because they have no riding events like these. I can go to a bar down the road and there will be 15 to 20 Harleys parked out in front of it. I can go have a good time with like minded people. They don't have anything like this. It's more than just a motorcycle it's a lifestyle.

  7. Ice Cream Men From Hell? They STOLE that name! There is a guy on the east coast that shows up at all the meets. he is THE ICE CREAM MAN FROM HELL. Dude actually sells Ice cream from his HD Servicar.

  8. It's funny how people feel the need to comment on bikes they supposedly don't like. If you're not a Harley person, then go watch some clips about rice or British steel. Leave the vids about Harleys to those of us that cruise them. Not all of us need to go 200 on a crotch rocket, or do stunts on a roadway, or even care slightly about racing.
    Find your niche, and enjoy it. But don't act like Harley isn't the American motorcycle. It's got nothing to do with being a tough guy.

  9. I made a comment below that generated 70+ responses. My comment surround Harley Davidson's lack of vision.  Now, I have learned today that Polaris, with their purchase of Brammo Motorcycles, will take the newly branded Victory project 156 to Isle of Man TT! This comes on the heals of Harley Davidson's so called public test of the Live Wire.  This is fantastic news and proves my entire point that Harley Davidson needs to step up if they are going to be a key player twenty years from now. 

    Polaris is working in the wings to take their motorcycles to the top of the game, and with the step of entering the electric motorcycle market with enough money to buy a small country, Harley's days are now numbered.  Forward thinking Polaris is looking to leap frog over Harley's electric bike and bring the Victory project to market. The Isle of Man TT will be the testing ground for introducing an American electric super sport motorcycle produced by an major company, overshadowing HD's live wire project.  Believe me when I say that Polaris will bring this bike to market long before HD completes their test.  As previously stated, I believe HD will not bring the live wire to market at all and if they do, it won't be fast enough to compete with Polaris.  Also, I predict that within the next three years, the Victory project 156 will take an even bigger leap in introducing a completely redesigned battery similar to Teslar technology, pushing the motorcycle's range to near 300 miles before a charge is needed.  Folks, Polaris, with it's motorcycle brands Indian and Victory, will be a force to blow the doors of HD; trust me!

  10. the spirit of america rattles, leaks and makes a lot of noise for what it really delivers…….I'd personally prefer the spirit of japan which is way smoother, powerful, comfortable and relliable and doesn't shout out loud innecesarilly.

  11. Strange how thoughts and wants change!! I am old enough to remember when a company called Pride & Clarke in London, England, had a huge bunch of Harleys in olive drab for sale, back in the early 50´s. Some even had sidecars. I remember they were slightly ridiculed for having a bicycle pedal as a kickstarter, plus you operated the clutch with your left foot!! What wouldn´t I give to have one of those now!! I did own a ´79 AMF FLH, which was always viewed with slight disdain, because of the alleged shortcomings of that company. It served me immaculately.

  12. Harleys are one of the few bikes that make music as you ride them,sort of a self entertainment center that "moves" you in a lot of ways. Many try to come close but few hit all the right notes like the harley V-twin. Just wish I knew where my oil pressure to the heads goes when my Ironhead gets hot.

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