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  1. I've been riding Metric cruisers for years. I think it is a bit ironic here were are now looking at Harley's metric cruiser competitor. I currently have a 750 Honda Phantom fully dressed with after market V&H pipes. A guy at my work just recently purchased a HD Street 500. It might be my imagination but every time I see this guy in the motorcycle parking area, I'm pretty sure he gives me a dirty look. I wonder if it's because I have 1/3 more engine than he does for around the same price? Or maybe it's because my Honda sounds more like a Harley than his Harley. When I heard him turn the key and fire it up I had to try not to laugh. It sounded terrible and looks like a minibike compared to my Phantom.

  2. Hey Guys, Ariel here I have a YoutTube channel dedicated to the XG Street 500 / 750 please feel free to check-it-out. My question is will the Street Rod 750 forks fit in the Street 750? ie are they the same dimensions for diameter?

  3. What is up with those red springs on a total black bike. And what the hell is the grids over the rear wheel, look ugly like no tomorrow. Bet this is the first thing people will take off and throw in the junk pile.

  4. Hey man I figure you guys were going for the carnivore herbivore omnivore thing but motovore sounds like motowhore. And anyway, do you eat motorcycles?

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