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  1. Why wouldn't you want to cruise at 85 on the motorway on this bike? Also what bike have ridden that is good at 85 on the motorway?

  2. not fit for a dirt road , mate they rode WLA all throughout the war over all terrain I have ridden mine through mud , snow and all road conditions the torque of the motor helps once you get used to the motor.

  3. There is a gear indicator on the left RPM gauge and neutral is a half out of first. Neutral is a pain in the @ss to get into sometimes, just takes getting use to. Sometimes when I am parked I reach over and do it with my hand to start it while I gear up.

  4. Haha I love you English people. You guys are like cartoon characters. Ellow poppet, would you like cup of tea. "Petrol" "quid"

  5. Finding Neutral on a new Harley can try a saint's patience at times.  I just picked up my second one today and am not looking forward to dealing with that until she gets broken in.

  6. Can't imagine cruising at 85 on the motorway? Did you ever get to sixth gear? The weight that makes it kind of difficult going slowly makes it more stable as your speed increases. I'm surprised you would consider a Harley when you hardly tested it's capabilities. You will love it after you get used to it but it is different than other motorcycles.Hang in there.

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