Harley-Davidson Street 750 | The Custom Kings 2015 by FRAUSSEN

harley davidson street 750 the c
harley davidson street 750 the c

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Location: Genk (Belgium)
Favourite bike: HD Road Glide Special
Dealer: Piet Fraussen (owner since 1984 – successor of father)
Mechanic: Xavier Derwae – Frank Miesen

Why participate in the Battle of the Kings?

Piet: “We believe the Street 750 is a nice initiative to involve young people in the Harley-Davidson brand. You get a complete motorcycle for a healthy budget, cause the standard price of the Street is relatively low. By customizing this bike, we can now give customers a clear example of how many hours we work on it and how much it costs to make a custom bike. Without this competition we could only give a vague estimate.”

Where did you get the inspiration?

Piet: “I just wander through my store and look around what is possible and what is not. When I ask my team if they would like to participate in a contest and the next day they are already putting a Street 750 on the bench to measure, I know the guys are excited. We always want to make something else than what comes out of the box. So, this project became something I’ve never seen before: a Jeans-Bobber.”

What did you change about the Street 750?

Piet: “This year, Harley is introducing a new product to the market: a pair of jeans for motorcyclists. While the other dealers were probably busy choosing which colours they would put on the bike, we went on coating it with jeans. Our goal is to show something that the public has never seen before, and I think we’ve succeeded in doing this. Moreover, only the steering wheel and the two mufflers are not original, all the other parts are Harley-Davidson materials.”

How much manpower and hours were necessary to build this bike?

Piet: “We had the entire team working on the motorcycle, using the maximum hours allowed, so around 50 hours. First everyone came up with an idea and then two mechanics got started with this realization. This is a project of the group, not of one person. We are very pleased with the result.”

What do you hope to achieve in this contest?

Piet: “Obviously everyone competes to win and I’m certainly not different. We know that there can only be one winner, but we hope to get at least a prize for the most original custom made bike. Also, the motorcycle can hit the road immediately cause he is totally safe to drive. So soon we’ll put him in the shop to sell … Unless Harley-Davidson buys the Jeans-Street itself to promote their jeans?”(Laughs)

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