Harley Davidson Street 750 : Review : PowerDrift

harley davidson street 750 revie
harley davidson street 750 revie

We review the new Harley Street 750. The 6th of the family, built for streets, but a potent tool otherwise as well.

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  1. One thing people need to remember with this line is that nothing is ever perfect when it's launched. After about 3 years of public feedback I'm sure it'll be almost a completely different bike (for the better). As it sits now, yeah it has its quirks, but for the price (especially used) it serves its perpous very well. Another thing is I feel like rather than the bike being worse than the competition I think people have just come to expect above and beyond quality from the Harley name. Which is something to be proud of

  2. Dank yew fo calling tech soppert. Der are cerrently 5 colors ahead of yew. Day will be answerd in da order dat day wer received. 

  3. The question is can it go to the mecca of motorcyclist and be back in one piece ? Yeah! I meant if it could be taken to the Himalayas . Considering the fact that this is the HD with the largest Ground Clearance. We have the RE's and Triumphs with sufficient GC and Torque to take on the Mighty Himalayas. But does the Street 750 has the ability to take gravel path, rocks and streams the himalayas have to offer ?

  4. Excellent video however I had a hard time keeping up with Satyen's commentary. It was way too fast! I mean we have the captions, but honestly I want to watch the excellently produced video than reading the captions! :)

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