Harley Davidson Street 750 Brat Conversion

harley davidson street 750 brat
harley davidson street 750 brat

2016 HD Street750 – Brat Conversion using our “TUFFSIDE” Brat kit. Our Chappell Customs muffler and fork brace and our new line of custom wheels and a bunch of other cool stuff. The Blue bike was built for Henderson Harley Davidson In Nevada. The Black bike was for Bakersfield Harley Davidson in California.(pics of the black bike available on our facebook and instagram pages)

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Music by my nephew Austin Chappell.
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  1. Hey Chris, I love your work!
    Can you recommend shop in Vancouver Canada who can customize my 750?
    I know it's kind of dumb question but I will ask anyways!

  2. nice kit. Its in no way "brat" style. Brats are japanese and sit very very differently. They may have flat seats and stubby fenders but the frames are modded and they are meant to go lower, not taller. I think the other guy called it better with the scrambler comment. Any guess as to how much weight was shaved by the conversion and if there was any horsepower gains with the exhaust?

  3. I had rather walk a hundred miles then ride a Harley Davidson one mile, but if I had to ride a Harley this would definitely be the one great-looking bike.

  4. I have a 2015 street 750, and I've been looking for an exhaust. The one you guys used on this one sounds awesome! What kind is it? I tried to look in the comments, but I couldn't find it.

  5. I like it all except the seat. I would have gone more toward the flat track style look. But that's just my personal opinion.

  6. You've made a Harley Davidson look like a super dooper Triumph Bonneville , which can only be a good thing!
    Sounds and looks fantastic. Great job!

  7. so basically BRAT is just a stupid way of saying Scrambler?
    Just a bit of advice about painting metallics from someone that went to school to learn how to do automotive paint. Always paint them in the same orientation as they will be on the bike. The particles lay down according to gravity so when you paint it in the vertical like that when it sits horizontal on the bike the metallic won't reflect light the correct way and it won't look right compared to the tank. Most of the time it ends up looking a bit more solid/dull instead of really kicking the light back out and showing you the sparkle. It's a problem a lot of cheap hops have when they pull hoods or fenders or doors off of cars and they end up looking completely different despite being a color match.

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