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  1. Did you had any issues with the braking?are the front brake upgraded to brembeo?booked the same superior blue colour ­čÖé :D´╗┐

  2. Hi, thanks for the review…I want to know how satisfied are you with the brakes on this bike…I heard lot of bad reviews about the brakes. I am planning to buy this bike and a little concerned because HD don't offer ABS as an option on this model.

  3. hey r brembro braking used for the 2016 model heard some issues with the older models about the front brake´╗┐

  4. Hi bro even I booked street 750. I will be installing screaming eagles. But I would like to know if remove the back cover of screaming Eagles it sounds more louder. But us it safe to remove? Do we get any warrenty issues?´╗┐

  5. hi Mr Rider , I am really interested in this Hd street can you please tell me being a owner that wat would be the monthly or quarterly maintenance cost for this monster. your reply would be highly appreciated. :)´╗┐

  6. Hai bro, I'm going to buy a new bike soon, does it suits lean guy with a height of 5'10"? Does the bike feels heavy? And lastly tell me about the brakes of street 750´╗┐

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