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harley davidson street 500 test
harley davidson street 500 test

I recently took a test ride on Harley’s new learner-legal machine, the Street 500. I wanted to see whether a brand new rider could start on one and whether it’s got enough street cred to mix it with it’s bigger brothers.

Ok, so it’s not perfect but it’s also really affordable compared to it’s bigger bros. There were a few things that I didn’t like but most of them are pretty easily fixed. If you’re a beginner rider and looking for a sweet cruiser, I reckon this is definitely worth a test!


Playlist of all my learner-legal motorcycle test rides:

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The gear and camera equipment i’m using:

Action Camera: https://goo.gl/hbyJ63
SLR Camera: https://goo.gl/Edw4PP
Bluetooth Headset: https://goo.gl/czW2VO
Bluetooth Audio Pack: https://goo.gl/DWyR59
Helmet: https://goo.gl/p7wN6L
Jacket: https://goo.gl/iv9Scl
Boots: https://goo.gl/2Uxjzq
Pants: https://goo.gl/T4i6hC
Gloves: https://goo.gl/Tmr2ye
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  1. You sir are a fantastic reviewer thanks! I'm an older new rider and I'm considering this bike as an entry into the Harley family. One question does it have enough power for highway cruising? Thanks!

  2. Very nice review btw…very informative..I realize now I'm more of a Cruiser or Touring type rider than a Crotch rocket/sport style zipping on bye sounding like a bee in your ear type rider if that makes any sense LOL

  3. Don't get me wrong guys its a good little bike and probably rides just fine but it is way overpriced if it was a Honda  or a kwaka or yammy it would not sell at all. The only thing selling this model is the brand name and to me that does not warrant the price the dealers are asking for it . Ask the dealer why you should shell out the extra bucks for this bike over the competitor's bikes and see what they say and see if he can show you all the extra Quality or features it has. It actually has less ask him about the extra power it has over the other bikes again he will say I don't know ( it does not have more torque or power) but I will guess mr dealer wont be pinned down with that question. My guess is the dealer will avoid that question altogether and probably say BUT  MAAAAAAATE  ITS  A  HARLEYYYYY.

  4. ITs hard to shell out the extra thousands of dolleros for a very spartan  bike like this when the yammy vstar will save you at least two grand  has a bigger motor and looks like a cruiser and you get so much more from them but if you look at the competition  the same is true with all the metric bikes. I cant understand why anyone would shell out so much money for this bike its not worth it all your buying is Harleys name save your cash people until you don't need a LAMS bike anymore then go Buy your Harley a real Harley not this pretender. Sounds like im bashin it and maybe I am a little  all I can put it down to is the brand. You heard it in the vid people Listen to the sedate bland motor sound Yeah real Harley sounding isn't it NOT. If you don't like how it looks or sounds I am sure Mr Harley dealer would love to shear you of some more money to make it more Harley looking and sounding. Ever priced Harley parts kachinggggg $$$$$. But if you really want one head on down to the dealership but go into it with your eyes open people.

  5. Was thinking about upgrading, was looking into KTM 390s and CFMoto 650NKs, maybe the Yamaha R3 (though i never have liked super sports) then i seen this, 3k more but its fucking beautiful. Honestly might have to think how urgent of an upgrade I'm in for because i think this might be worth waiting and saving for. Shame its made in India but so's the KTM i was looking at and the CFMoto is Chinese built so its in the same boat. Quality Bikes for the Price but still noticeably Cheaper Quality.

  6. Looks ordinary sounds ordinary , nothing good about it . Looks like it should come with a free Vindaloo and a side order of Papadams.

  7. if purchased in the usa its made there…..india only makes the ones sold across the pond sorry for your luck…….but I wouldn't suggest anyone buy this bike its a POS

  8. I also test rode this bike, didn't like it and got a 883 superlow. I also didn't like the mid controls, but I switched them out for FWD controls and a gel 2 person seat. Make a difference when to do the stage 1 air cleaner and exhaust most with the dyno. Nice to see a fellow Aussie on YT.

  9. Great review! I do like these bikes, but I don't see any here in the U.S. Midwest. See lots of big Harleys though! There's no learner restrictions here…you can get whatever you want immediately! And then go out and kill yourself on it!

  10. Hello from the US. Very good honest review. I recently bought the Street 750 and I love it. This is my first Harley. I've been riding sport bikes and dual sport bikes for some 35 year and I adapted to the 750 really quickly. Harley made it very easy to take the stock muffler apart, so I did and modified the baffle a little…..sounds much better now but still not too loud. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful review . Yes, you are correct, the US versions are built in Kansas City, but I would have still bought it if mine was built in India.

  11. It seems like a cool bike, just hate the fact that it is 100% made in India. People buy Harley cause it's an American brand. Kinda ruins the whole point of buying a Harley I believe.

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