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  1. Had to turn the horrid noise off. These bikes are nice but there are.many better ones for same price or less, I would luv this bike if it was a 1000cc, twin disk front, better suspension and a passenger seat.

  2. I like the riding position, it's just a standard motorcycle. I grew up riding small displacement bikes, and while I now have a Goldwing for the wife and I, I still ride my 1970 Honda CB350 quite a lot. I like this Harley and will be buying one soon.

  3. Most of the American Harley community don't understand the intention of this bike or the 750. They all bitch about it being small under 883. I've been in so many arguments over why the street series was a good idea.

  4. 8 year old kids ride dirt bikes without gear indicators, its just something you get used to. If you've never had a gear indicator, you wont miss it. I sure am curious how quick the 500 is. If I am at a light, will I be able to out accelerate the car that wants in front of me or get out of the way of some turd tailgating me on the highway. Maybe the 750 would be a better fit for me. From what I understand, the 750 and 500 have same dimensions, so for very little money you can get a bigger engine that you can grow into as long as you are a level headed person. I must admit, for a 500 the engine sounds pretty good. Thanks for the video.

  5. Hi.. I wish I could know your name. I'm from India. I desire to purchase the Street 750. And the bike is quite exciting to see and hear about. I guess in the 2016 models, the braking is much better. In India, the street 500 is still unavailable. But there is some insider news that it will be released in September of this year. Until then, we have the Street 750 for order.

    For my question to you, I'd like to know if the foot pegs really grind across the road when you bank (too much) on turns ?

  6. Of course the toothless meth smoking prison buttfucked closet fags are going to hate on this bike. How predictable! I've got one and I reckon its a good bike now leave me and my soy latte alone!
    Well done Harley Davidson! I better get back to doing my PhD.

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