Harley Davidson Sportster Maintenance Video Part 1

Harley Davidson Sportster Maintenance Video Part 1

http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com In this Harley Davidson Sportster maintenance video you’ll learn how to disconnect the battery, check the charging system, electrical switches, lights, turn signals etc., how to drain the fluids. The full length DVD shows you all kinds of tips and techniques to maintain your own Sportster and save lots of money. It’s fun too! Available on our website.

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  1. I have 2005 883 sport and it pops and misses at low speed and when I'm riding at a steady speed it almost got me hit couple times pulling out in traffic can u tell me what It is. Love your videos and website

  2. Great Video, it's my first Harley and I changed the battery myself. But now i noticed a floating cable (leading to nowhere next to the battery (left to it), The end side is pointing down. What is it? did I unplugged something? or is normal? Thx for the attention and excuse my english , i'm french!

  3. Do the "harley wobbles" only happen to those that dont maintain their bike properly (like over looking the tire pressure or not tightening a bolt correct.) or is it just something that will occur sometime down the road.

  4. Cheers mate. I had a look today but it's the positive and negative posts on the battery I need access to. The solar trickle charger lead connects straight onto the batter using the circular (hoop) connections. So frustrating as I don't have the tools to release the battery unit to gain access to the negative post! Goin to have to phone my dealership I think… 🙁

  5. It should be way easier than taking the panel off – there's a black cord that hangs out near there with a plastic cap, take off the cap and the trickle charger goes right in, obvious female to male action. (it should, I have an '09 and it was super easy)

  6. I have a 2013 XL1200 Custom that I want to add a trickle charger to. Will I be able to do that by simply slipping the side cover off and connecting the leads (without removal of the battery)?

  7. i recently just swapped out my grips today on my 2009 nightster XL1200, everything was going fine got both grips on fine and throttle one even works fine snaps back and everything, when i put in the key now only thing that comes on is the headlight, running lights, and it will start, no blinkers, no horn, no speedometer or and mileage or icons on speedometer…weird if anybody has experienced this before please help!

  8. You will need to disconnect the battery strap
    -disconnect the positive terminal with a 10mm wrench
    -I like to remove the negative terminal at the frame and leave it connected to the battery which makes the battery removal much easier because of the tight space.
    -slide the battery out with the negative cable connected to the terminal

  9. Good video, I recently tried removing by battery from 2007 sporster, but no luck! I got as far as getting the strap undone, but couldn't get it off. Besides using a 7/16 socket, what did you use to disconnect the terminal??

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