Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 review | Visordown Road Test

Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883 review | Visordown Road Test

It’s got new suspension and wheels and blacked-out exhausts for 2016. It looks badass – but is it?
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  1. I love visordown, every time I read or watch anything from them they always seem to be brutally honest and fair . Good job guys , keep it up. this is how a review really should be done. :)

  2. I don´t understand why american products are losing the battle to foreign competitors when it comes to performance or refinement Those are the easiest part! The hardest part they´re unbeatable which is being cool! The closest competitor when it comes to being cool are the brits!

  3. What's the purpose of having a guy review a cruiser who is unfamiliar with them? He basically said nothing of any use and talked real fast doing it.

  4. I guess everybody has it's own personal opinion, because in my case i believe this is one of the best Bikes out there, plus if you feel that it doesn't have enough power than that's not an issue with this Bike, since there's so many options in the market to modify this Bike…The Harley Davidson Sportster-iron 883 is one Bad ass Bike…Period…

  5. Wow …………..I clicked a review on you tube and actually got one. Lots of pointers and no blurb – refreshing thanks

  6. can anybody recommend a bike for me? i'm trying to look for a cruiser/sportster exactly like this one but a bit bigger, if any of you might know what i gotta look for please reply to this comment, thanks

  7. I just got a super low and it almost the same bike, different handle bars and a slightly bigger tank. I have put on the new 2016 suspension as my super low is a 2015 model.Stock the 883s a re a bit of a dog, and the run in period is rather long. The petrol gauge is an add on, same with the two person gel seat,  fwd controls raise the clearance stage 1 filter & screaming eagle system will change the engine and really free it up.My last 883 done about 165, 000km before I swapped it out for the one I have, it basically out lasted 6 of my mates  sports bikes. That's where the difference is, they are built to cruse and go for the long haul, not for speed. If your in a rush and want all the bells and whistles get a BMW

  8. Whatever. Slap on a stage 1 vance and hines and "too quiet" and under powered" are no longer an issue. This bike is awesome. Picked up a 2016 the other day and couldn't be happier. Turns heads, sounds mean, and the rumble from the stage one air filter/vance & hines short shots is incredible.

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