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  1. Eh? He's riding on the right side – and proper cars are right hand drive too! Left side driving was invented by the French! (in Napoleons time)

  2. You do actually. Mirrors above the handlebars catch your arm a little however if you flip them (and stick with stock harley mirrors especially) the field of vision goes under your arm to your leg with no obstruction.

    I've got my stock mirrors setup that I can see both side lanes and the lane I'm in. The cops did try and pull me up on this however a quick search through the Aus codes and practices and QLD DMR shows that this setup is within the prescribed requirements (Just in case you do it)

  3. My response is below about the helmet. Atm I've got a Bell custom 500, they have some nice designs/fairly low profile.

  4. Cheers for the nice comments. Helmet is a 2011 Nex open face helmet. Most open face these days are fairly low profile I think.

    I'm 5'11, I prefer forwards for sure, more relaxed style of ride. I would def go test ride an iron and a 48/72 to get a good feel for this, it's what I did.

    People who rag on about sportsters/bobbers being small or girls bikes either don't ride or don't know a lot about harley in general.

  5. I think so, I'm 6' and I don't have any problems with it. I might switch to forward controls and change the seat in the future though… I'd suggest that you go to a dealer and just try for yourself, personal preferences vary…

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