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  1. Hii. I have been trying to find information on this bike for a while. This is an old version though. Your new one has a new seat and fender and Im really trying to find where you got it from. I really like the style and would like to get one please. Thank you for your time!

  2. I really love the colour of the tank of your bike, you've made a wonderful choice. I am italian biker.  Can i have some information about that colour? Do you have a code or something else to identify it?

  3. Awesome bike! Great color on the tank. Great vision on your part to put something as nice as this together. Can you share some info on the rear fender? And what kind of bars you have and what cables did you have to change?

  4. Pipes are the stock pipes I just welded on an extension to the bottom and thrw on these cocktail shakers …

  5. That's a full fender off my old bike chopped in half dumb shit .. Nice try tho ,cock teeth 🙂

  6. @oldpieceoflooseass ,That's a full fender off an old bike i had chopped In half dip shit .. Nice try tho:)

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