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  1. What is the deal with people…. lots of people, thinking they need to put a soundtrack with their video……I'm 57 and I just want to hear the damn motorcycle.

  2. cool! hab mir die jetzt auch geholt und sogar das gleich Kennzeichen, aber ohne deins vorher zu sehen… :-)

  3. Nice Bobber!!
    Bro, could you tell me the model of these indicators lights (LED, right?)? Maybe also where i can get it.

  4. I'm sorry that your country requires a BARN DOOR sized license plate and, I realize you don't have much control over that. Lose "The Man" stickers please. Every biker knows it's a Harley. Most even know it's a 48. The goofy stickers detract from the beauty of your bike. I don't mean to come off so negatively, it really is a beautiful bike. Think twice about wearing camo on a bike. The first thing you'll hear after a collision (if you're still concious) is, I didn't see you. i wish you many years of fun babe filled rides.

  5. Sehr fettes bike! Ich schwanke noch zwischen ner gebrauchten Fatboy oder ner neuen 48….am liebsten wäre mir die Fatboy Special, aber die kostet ja doppelt so viel wie die 48…hm mal schauen. Werde mal die 48 Probe fahren. Ist sie vom sitzen her bequem? (1,82, 90kg) die fatty bin ich schon gefahren und die ist urgemütlich

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