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  1. Very nice touches to your Sportster Alan. The bigger gas tank makes your bike a serious contender amongst long range road bikes and gives the bike a great look as well. Harley would sell more Sportsters if they gave that damn peanut gas tank a rest already and included as standard, the 4.5 gal. tank from the Sportster Custom as standard equipment. I have had 2 Sportsters in the past but always hated their tiny gas tanks. I have been riding an Electra Glide Classic for almost ten years now and love it's 6 gal. long range gas tank but have really considered buying a 48 for about a year now. Both the Electra Glide and Sportster get roughly the same gas mileage so it made perfect sense to Harley to shrink the Sportster tank by almost two thirds the size of an Electra Glide's tank. Anyway, your bike looks great.

  2. he pointed out the mods he payed somebody else to do. he read everything straight from a manual. and i changed this cover? its your cam cover. what a pussy. ive had this bike and that stock seat is shit.
    p.s. dont forget about you fold in license plate jack ass

  3. Cold man , I'm getting one myself and ride the American Dream ,sad thing is I live in England, but what the hell its a Harley.✌️

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