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  1. Hey man.. I have a 2000 sportster 883. I am trying to install a LED daymaker but theres not enough space inside the headlamp housing because of all the wires in there. Any tips on how to make that work?

  2. I am thinking of upgrading to the led Day maker head light and driving/passing lights I have a 95 XL 883 DLX sportster with 7" sealed beam head light and 4.5" sealed beam driving/passing lights it bites a$$ can't see anything at night even on high beam found the complete kit not HD for 139.00 on amazon. Thanks for the demo was awesome and informative in making an informed decisions.

  3. dammit I spent about $500 + aus for a genuine hd daymaker, for my 14 street bob. Honestly they look identical, from the led configuration at front, to the rear slot and plug set up. Unless there's a difference between the actual leds and hence life expectancy, perhaps all I paid extra for, was the R @ D and the name.

  4. The money you saved will come in handy when you have electrical problems from your cheap "Daymaker" knock-off!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Which brand of LED headlight did you choose? It would appear to be a brand other than Harley. I don't see the HD script in the center of the headlight. But I could have missed it.

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