Harley Davidson Sportster 48 Customisation Series – Part 3 – CUSTOM EXHAUST

Harley Davidson Sportster 48 Customisation Series - Part 3 - CUSTOM EXHAUST 1


Harley Davidson Sportster 48 Customisation Series - Part 3 - CUSTOM EXHAUST

Absolutely stoked with my new custom exhaust! The exhaust took 2 days to build and hopefully by watching this vlog you will see how the exhaust is created, however at the start we had a few designs in mind but nothing concrete as we wanted to create something unique. As always lots of banta and some funny moments – my bike produces flames ( :O )

If you would like to get in touch with Russel at RB Customs his details are below ;

RB Kustoms – http://rbkustoms.com
E-Mail for Russ – [email protected]

As always I appreciate the support and would love a THUMBS UP on the vlog and please share on social media such as Facebook etc. Part 2 of the customisations series has 33 K views (so far).

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  1. Amazing work, you liked a pic of my bike on insta, and it got me here! 🙂 i wish we had a shop like this in denmark, i want a custom exhaust, piecut like this one.. i might have to travel to the uk.. just for this work!

  2. How much coin have you thrown down on differant exhausts, a pretty penny I bet. Looks and sounds great though.
    Holler from Australia brother love the enthusiasm.

  3. After watching your last video I decided to chop the rear fender on my 2013 forty eight, but after cutting the fender struts like yours I went to order those caps by klock werks. Turns out the only places that sell them are in Europe and none of them will ship to Canada!!! If you have any information on how I can get my hands on a set of those shorter covers for the fender struts I would really really appreciate it!!! Thank you so much and your bike looks absolutely amazing!

  4. i would be arrested if i were on the road with my sporty and my exhaust sounded like that….its amazing though lol. are you going to put a baffle in it?

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