Harley Davidson Sportster 48 Customisation Series – Part 2

harley davidson sportster 48 cus
harley davidson sportster 48 cus


Harley Davidson Sportster 48 Customisation Series - Part 2

Sportster Customisation Series – Part 2

Part 2 contains the full process of the fender chop from start to finish, I really hope you enjoy the vlog and SUBSCRIBE to my channel to see my future customisations – Part 3 will be the exhaust as I am moving to a one off exhaust system.

It’s been a while team! So thankfully today I had my fender chopped to my specifications via Russ at RBK. The reason I chose Russ to do the work was based on recommendations via mates and the quality of work i’ve seen produced via him. Big thanks Russ – super happy with the result.

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  1. did the same mod on my wideglide. only I cut the bottom of the fender and rolled it into the frame . my passenger seat mount is now my solo seat mount and no expensive paint repair. plus factory finished edge

  2. As someone who is a trained bodyworker I think this lad, while coming across a bit carless, is actually really good at what he does. He uses good technique.

  3. I bought a k model several years ago that some one had cut the back finder off and every time it would rain it would sling water right up my back… you can have my part of cut offs.

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