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  1. If the engine is cold (and so are the temps), just start and warm the bike up using full choke for one minute, then leaving it on half choke or another 2 minutes or so and ride.
    If it's summer temps, she should cold start using only half choke, and leave'er running for one minute, then push the choke in and go ride.

  2. man Josh, you and I kind of went in the same direction haha.  We both had sick mustangs, then moved to trucks.  I bought a Harley, you bought a Harley.  Good stuff.  I sold the truck about 6 months ago to get a Camry (gas and reliablilty), but now I'm thinking of getting back into a truck.  Keep up the videos.

  3. I spy with my little eye, two nitrous tanks….you starting the harley?! The dmax? Lol bike looks sweet man. Also are you using your phone to record? Quality is top notch.

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