Harley Davidson Special Edition 2009

Harley Davidson Special Edition 2009
Harley Davidson Special Edition 2009

Harley Davidson Special Edition 2009

Guy n Girls ! Harley Davidson Proudly offer the best and one and only one Special Edition of their Classical Bikes ! Manufactured under Highly Skilled Professionals, This bike offers what NO OTHER bike offers so far ! it will not be unfair if we call this bike as Dream Bike. Below are the specifications with their benefits of this Super Duper Dream Bike 🙂

1- Specially Designed Invisible Air Engine with No Metals Used, one of it’s kind. No noise pollution, no weight, no heat, nothing at all ! everything COOL !

2- No Tank included as Engine works solely on Air ! Hence Money Saving !

3- No Kick or Self-Ignition Required ! Blink Once and it will start, Blink Twice it will turn off !

4- No Speed o Meter included ! Drive as fast as you want to regardless fear of exceeding the limit. it’s All in your hands 🙂

5- No Back Seat included Hence it’s ONLY yours ! no babies, no girlfriends, none is able to ruin your Sweet Long Drive 🙂

6- Once you start driving , you will never get enough of it and will never have to stop it, so no Stands included too, Open the Package, Get On it, Blink your Eye, Enjoy The Ride ! Forever ! Go To Lala Land or wherever you want to 🙂

7- It’s 100% Automatic, No Gears, No Clutch, No Brakes, No Racer ! it will take care of everything using Artificial Intelligence designed specially for controlling the bike so you may ever lay down on it and enjoy everything around 🙂

8- Tires are made from thousand years old Rigid and Worn Out Rubber, engineered in in a special way to make it possible that they never get flatted or Punctured.

9- Since Bike is controlled by it’s own self, so no need of Headlight, backlight, or indicators. No matter what the time is, satisfaction will be at it’s peak 🙂

10- No chains Included, Engine drags both the tires by invisible scientific forces.

11- No Silencer included, 100% Environment Friendly, produces not a bit of smoke, Silence Engine Working makes it possible to produce zero-noise.

12- Im sure you all are thinking how much costly a bike with such Great Functions would be ! to your surprise, it doesn’t cost a lot. the basic cost is 10 bucks. but if you purchase some interesting accessories, then it costs around $15. Fair Enough I Guess 🙂 So what are waiting for ! Go Get Yours and take yourself to the next level of Bikes 🙂

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