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  1. harley is a image of yourself nothing more. you dress to this shoots with jeans half helmet leather jacket etc because it fit image. it shake it is slow it not brake so why you buy it – because the image what it give you on street / or what you think it give you. then you are overtake by yamaha/indian/honda/suzuki etc. then your bike is in garage your lap friend bikes done another miles on clock, but ho-ho-ho you have image lol
    i got before few harley then i drove jap bikes then i drove bmw r1200r and i have lost a lot of ejoymnet when i was harley user. now i feel i driving bikes when i am not on harley

  2. Japanese are better but harley sound is better but you look rediculous with this helmel for a cruiser bike. It reminds me the jap rider of the 70´ with those helmets.

  3. Ive give the fire blade a second look plenty of times their guy. Just as many times as a Harley and any other bike that grabs me.

  4. Robbie Sheik (Woody): Afraid so, although they use the Screaming Eagle components which are an upgrade from their stock components, like a stronger cam support plate, oil pump, compensator, they still use the Roller Chain Drive, with it's weak link Plastic cam chain tensioners, they don't use Metal Gear Drives for cam operation and still use a pressed together, crankshaft, and you are paying a premium price for the privilege.

  5. According to Harley's own 2014 annual report: "6 out of 10" Harley buyers are in "emerging markets", doublespeak for 3rd world countries, so, the majority of Harley buyers are not even American……Harley is just another multi-national corporation, with factories in India, and other countries, and the majority of new dealerships, are declining in America, and increasing overseas. And all Harley's clothing and merchandise are produced in sweat shops all over the world, except in the USA.  And for those who know Harley, know, that the Twin Cam engines, produced since, 1999 to the present, (2016) are inherently flawed as an unreliable design.  All Twin cams, use Roller Chain drive to operate the two cams, not, Metal Gears, and use 2 PLASTIC, yes, cheap, PLASTIC cam chain tensioners, in critical engine components, and are designed to wear out and have to be periodically inspected for wear (at a cost) and to be periodically replaced for wear, (at a higher cost) and failure to replace a worn tensioner shoe pad, will crater the engine, KAPUT….GONE. Those bikers in the know, also know that the Twin Cam engine only uses a pressed together crankshaft, which are notorious, for twisting out of true, on a hit or miss basis, and will also crater the engine. Now, if one only uses the Twin Cam as a 5 mile bar hopper, one or low mileage rider, no problem, since, no mileage means no wear or usage………but, if one is a hard core, high mileage biker, then the Twin Cam is not the engine for you……..forget the externals of the great looking profile, and beware the Twin Cam engine……CAVEAT EMPTOR- LET THE BUYER BEWARE……..NOW YOU KNOW……

  6. Cornering clearance is "pathetic" but so what, who goes around corners anyway?

    Harleys still win all the races and never break down, plus they're inexpensive, and did I mention they ooze quality?

    And in case you're wondering, these guys never mentioned that the Japanese also make large displacement "cruiser" V-twins because the Japanese don't make them. Just take their word for it.

  7. As someone who is somewhat familiar with the motorcycle industry, I believe everyone has a right to buy and ride whatever they want. But, what I have more of a problem with is the obnoxious and petulant attitude of sport bike riders, especially those who own Japanese sport bikes. There are a couple misnomers I would like to address which the sport bike crowd constantly drowns on about and that have no merit. The VROD produces one hundred twenty five horsepower and one hundred foot pounds of torque right out of the box. The screamin eagle line offers a one hundred and seventeen cubic inch engine that produces one hundred and thirty five horsepower and one hundred and fifteen foot pounds of torque. Then there is the recently released 120r motor which is based off of the VR1000 super bike which produces one hundred and seventy horsepower and north of one hundred twenty five foot pounds of torque. The other line of bullshit that the juvenile sport bike legions consistently bitch and moan about is that Harley Davidson's are outdated. Anyone who says this has absolutely know idea what their talking about. What Harley Davidson effectively does is produce modern bikes that maintain the classic styling in order to accommodate their core riders. What is nice about Harley Davidson is they offer products that are extremely versatile and based on what the customer wants, styling, performance, upgrades and more. This is a vast departure from the cookie cutter Japanese sport bikes that have no character or imagination. Plus, Harley Davidson allows someone to ride long distances without having to have herniated disc surgery on your back. So, I would suggest the sport bike contingency to get their head out of their ass and actually get the facts before you shoot your moronic mouth off.

  8. you can drive a Indian, a Victory or a shitty british Triumph or what ever. They always will be a cheap copy and you will never have the feeling that you have on an Harley. Some will say now that Indian is older than Harley. Don't Forget that Indian didn't pump out a single bike for over 40 years. Indians get build with Victory and Indian is not an ndependent brand anymore. I own my Slim s now since April. There is only one minus, and this is the uncomfortable seat. But it can be changed. You want to go fast through corners? Then go out and buy a plastic japanese bike or what ever. I love the tons of torque and the sound of my bike.

  9. Well, if you warnt to pay for the name, go for it, but they do not deliver quality for the price, compared to other cheaper bikes.

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