Harley-Davidson shows the updated concept of electric motorcycle

1579795345 Harley Davidson shows the updated concept of electric motorcycle
1579795345 Harley Davidson shows the updated concept of electric motorcycle

It looks good so far.

Harley davidson

Harley davidson He knows he needs to adapt or fall behind. The change of thinking began when the company announced its intentions to build the LiveWire electric motorcycle years ago. With that halo model in the market finally, we have also seen what comes next.

The official H-D website has published a sketch of the updated concept of its next “medium weight” electric motorcycle. Electrek first reported on the images last Thursday. The sketch follows a piece of art from previous design that we saw more than a year ago, and so far it is forming well.

There is an updated look for the distinctive H-D headlight on the front, but the body generally encompasses the on-board battery, rather than avoiding it as the High voltage cable. It could be said that it is a more attractive machine because of this. The elegant frame that works with the battery feels almost like Harley. For a company that works to attract a new customer base as its users grow, it is probably a good thing.

Harley-Davidson middleweight concept

Here is the first sketch we saw more than a year ago. Things progress well.

Harley davidson

Other things easy to detect in the updated sketch: there is a larger battery, a set of plugs for whoever goes and a controller mounted on the front. Since LiveWire was always supposed to be the halo at the top of this new line of electric motorcycles, it is hoped that this nameless middleweight bike will be much cheaper. LiveWire starts in a tearing $ 30,0000.

Beyond this bike, there is more to come from the updated version of H-D about the business. There is a lightweight, low-power model in process with the appearance of scooters and electric bicycles in the pipe. All this is planned for the period 2021-2022, according to a presentation photo.

Although we have a couple of years ahead, things seem to be evolving quite well within H-D.

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