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  1. I own a 110CU CVO and one of the differences is a hydraulic cluch. I <3 that clutch as it never gets tough to pull in even after a full day of riding.

  2. People lose track of why they do things. If people need stereos and leg fairing and water cooling and saddle bags and fuel injection, why dont they just buy a CAR? The original fun of the motorcycle was SIMPLE such as the 1960s honda dream or your bare bones harley which had no chrome at all. Its the wind in your face and the fun. But if you start adding chrome and computer electronics and OBD read outs and all these additive, why not just buy a CAR?

    I own a 2002 softail harley that is a 1450 and has the long seat and is longer than the road king. It has all the engine and promary and fork chrome, but if it didnt have the chrome I wouldnt care. I ride it for FUN and fun doesnt mean wild. FUN can mean riding 30 MPH on the main avernue. But if i added all this saddle bags and junk I wouldnt be able to love seeing the design of the bike. If you added a big sqaure box with a lid to a models butt and large boxes with lids on both sides of her hips she wouldnt exist any longer.

    It is not against any law to own a car and a pickup and a harley. It is not necessary to build my harley up to that of a car. What comes next? A roof? And why do you say it needs water cooling? No it doesnt. Water cooling os just more that can go wrong, PLUS if a hose ever breaks you can be disfugured for life and this isnt necessay. A V town air and oil cooled will only get too hot if you sit and let it run in the heat, but why would any fool do that? Shut the engine off. No harley V twin will over heat unless the rider is like some old woman and sits in a traffic jam at idle. If my harley had water cooling I WOULD GET RID OF IT. And when I need to go buy a case of gatorade I dont need saddle bags because I can use my 2002 ford f150 supercrew. This way when I do ride my harley its FUN and bare bones and you can see this beautiful contoured machine

    Bike owner ship by the novice today is based on if the passenger car was never invented. WHY? A motorcycle is for pleasure/leisure, NOT as if its the only means. Now enjoy that road king and alternate between that and your car

  3. Don't forget about sitting too high on the padded seat and high frame. Unlike the old swingarm frame where you sit lower and more in front of the rear wheel. If you remove those goofy boxes on the crash bar you'll get better airflow cooling.. Check your rear brake fluid reservoir if your brake pedal is too low also the rear brake pads for wear.  The whole nacelle and headlamp assembly has to come off, which really sucks and be careful with the spear nut because it's has a cheap crappy stud that will break very easily. New spears are way overpriced but gorilla glue isn't.

  4. Harley Davidson – Converting fuel into noise without the side effects of horsepower!! Dear sir, Harley Davidson's are NOT reliable and well engineered bikes like you say. Their crank cases never run true (stamped with a 400 lb. press) and HD has spec'd them to be "ok" at 1.2 run out! WTF The farther it is out of 0.00 you're asking for trouble. Yet HD owners are ok with that. ??? Cam chain tensioner issues, brake issues, the list goes on and on. You should test ride a Victory motorcycle and compare it with your RK. Test rides are free.

  5. I've never been on an air cooled engine before. I ride in some pretty arid areas. very hot conditions. Should I be worried about over heating?

  6. breakin the law breakin the law . . . strainght fishtails.. 21' front wheel ..18' ape hangers on a roadking the most comfortable thing you could put on your bike . .so relax, you hang from the bar hahah! and who cares … most people don't see that . haha ! i love Apehanger ! ! favoite up grade.. lot of fun man

  7. good review, I just got my first HD this year but I got a used one. 07 RK classic with 20k on it. of corase I knew nothing about HD's and I am disappointed with the 07.  I hope they fixed the bugs with the newer models.  the heat on the 07 RK is insane, almost unridable. people tell me that its a big v twin and all have a lot of heat. this is not true!  I have Yamaha raider 113 air cooled also and theres almost no heat compared to my RK.  sitting in traffic on the Yamaha is no problem, the auto shut down (20 minutes) will kick in before I even think about turning it off myself. the 07 RK, you can't sit on it more then 5 minutes before your balls feel like popcorn kennels getting ready to bust..lol     not downing HD's just yet but theres no reason not to have more modern machical tech on them.  but I guess that's to keep the dealership in the money fixing them.   I may try another HD in the future but I will do my homework before I buy…

  8. I enjoyed the 2015 model I hired in the US last year, in comparison to my R1200r BMW it was not a very good bike in terms of practicality, (slow, sluggish handling, not a lot of storage space, and a little unpredictable on poor road surfaces) but it had a massive grin factor, which made me willing to over look its limitations. I guess the thing that surprised me most of all was how much I enjoyed riding 'my' Road King, and although I'm a Beemer man through and through, I did not want to give it back at the end of my trip.

  9. A solid review !. Well put together and informative. One question. what are the red switches on the left handlebar ? I've never seen red switches on a Harley.

  10. You don't have to take apart the whole console to adjust the bars. There is small cover over the bolts, that's it. My Road King is an '09, which I bought new. It now has about 35,000 miles. I have replaced one bulb (the one on the fender), one rear tire and one battery. The tire life is great. Mileage is good. The range on a tank is very good. Fender coverage is great. It is an a super long haul bike. Gerry in Calgary

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