Harley-Davidson Road King Special Announced! │2017 Mid-Model Year Launch │ All the Details

harley davidson road king specia 1
harley davidson road king specia 1

Announced Feb 9, 2017 the newest model in the Harley-Davidson Lineup: Road King Special. Matt Laidlaw explains , “H-D takes the classic Road King and gives it a “Dark Custom” treatment.” All blacked-Out components, new Turbine Wheels, stretched bags, lowered, premium suspension.
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  1. Harley needs to step up their game in the stretched bag department. these "stretched" bags are fucking hideous and are way overpriced for one inch of stretch.

  2. Matt, you're a polished reviewer with a real easygoing manner, and super informed about details. A credit to your ability, for sure. Like that the bike can be heard better in this vid than some others you've made. Always want to hear the sound of the machine you are reviewing, makes it so much more visceral and real. This Road King special is awesome in appearance and stance. Since the wheels are bigger, does it give the bike a bit more cornering clearance, Matt? HD can always use a bit more whenever they can eke it out by design. I've always been a little unhappy with the clearance of most HD's.

  3. Matt, thanks for your videos. I am looking right now for an upgrade from my 2015 Street Bob and your videos are a great help. I am 6ft tall and big built. I want a blacked out bike with comfort being very important. My wife wants a comfortable ride sometimes too. I need a daily commuter. I do need gps but a phone holder on the handlebars would do. I considered the Road Glide Special and Ultra but they seem pretty heavy. I have yet to road test anything. What do you think I should go for? Cheers Dave

  4. Found out about it today…
    Man, this really screwed up my plans about the SGS. The King was always my dream bike ever since I sold my Heritage. I decided to get a SGS this coming spring, for all the extra goodies and the fairing. But this one is too pretty to pass!
    Now I am undecided. lol

  5. I'm a big fan of the RK and I have been hoping for HD to show it some love but this is not it for me. I need my windshield and driving lights and ride height. Seems like they want to give less and charge more.

  6. Can you mount a windshield on it from the factory or do you have to swap some parts to be able to do so ?

  7. Next time you are asked to give input to HD Marketing tell them that some of us still like chrome and nicer colors. "Blacked out" is a fad that will pass. The flat finishes and droopy bags are not my style. That green color is horrible. For $22K it should have custom passing lamps and a windshield! ABS should be an option not mandatory. I've been waiting for this bike for years but this version misses the mark in my opinion. Maybe they should bring Willie G out of retirement.

  8. Nice! I would love to see one in the Laguna Orange color scheme. I know I know, not happening. Thanks for the videos!!!

  9. I guess Harley is trying to attract younger riders.   I can tell you up front I have owned several Road Kings and I love them.  But, I hate the blacked out crap.  I will not be buying that for sure!

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