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  1. Video helped a lot thanks for taking the time to do! instructions sucked. the bottom clamp held me up but once i loosened everything up i was able to get all the bolts lined up.

  2. Thanks for making this video and honestly I couldn't have done it without it. The included instructions were less than desirable. Thanks again

  3. Hi, I really appreciated the video since it convinced me to purchase the lowers. My question here, you've mention in your video the possibilty to add some speakers on them, how can I do that? I've checked on HD website and they state there's no chance to do it, but I think you know what you're talking about… Greetings from Mexico City.

  4. Great job on the video. I have a set on the way for my Road Glide, they will be another 2-4 weeks yet before I expect to see them.

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