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  1. my fist bike was a 750 vulcan and 1 month later got a 2010 road king. congrats man screw all these other guys that are either on old ass bikes or dont even have one lol

  2. Anyone that would have a new bike delivered doesnt know how to ride or even what theyre buying. Now that has exeptions. Such as when I pirchases a used 2002 softail 1450 this June I had it delivered. Because even though it was certified by their service department. I told them I wont right any used bike until I check everything out in my residential house garage. You can get killed just plopping your butt on any used bike and riding it like an excited kid with a new toy. The guy in the vid has a nervous laugh as though he knows he cant ride this. He also had to have instructed then to start it and place it in his garage which means he was scared to do this himself and shows he has plans of some instructor coming there and teaching him. Stop and consider, why would he have the bike ridden into his garage? When I had my softail delievered I had the delivery guy ride it up my driveway onto my driveway up by my porch because I know I would check out every mechaincal detail and would have rode it by the time I ever parked it in my garage. I would never pay for a new harley because to many upper middle class 100k per year facist like the guy in the vid buys these and you can get them when theyre 10 to 20 years old with 1000 miles on them Heres where this will go directly after the vid. John Doe up there will have pictures taken of his trophy wife and him sitting on this road king and she and him will pin pictures up in their offices where they work so that employees and vendors at their jobs will see this and this image will be WOW they are harley people and John has a harley road king 1600 CC. Thats all this is people

  3. Don't worry you'll be able to buy this bike in three years with 4 miles on it. After his wife finally makes him get it out of the garage.

  4. Nice bike, happy owner.  Please don't share with the world what an inexperienced little bitch you are though!

  5. Who the hell down arrows vids like these?

    A thrilling moment of new ownership – and I'll be going through the same in about three weeks – I've ordered the exact same bike and the holidays this year are going to be sweet!!!

  6. Haha, gotta play it cool….   just kidding.  I just got my first Harley and I was pretty excited myself. Aren't we a little old to give a shit about "playing it cool."  I mean, really, who cares?  Should I?

  7. I think its funny that you tell the delivery guy its your first bike and you don't have any experience. Its a Road King not a little scooter or 250. I can only imagine what the devivery guy was thinking. I can't believe your trying to have a conversation as he rolls your 20k bike down the ramp. I would of just left him alone and do his thing before he drops it.

  8. Beautiful bike, John, My favorite is still the Heritage that I have but this would be right next…

  9. I really enjoyed the way the bike was delivered. Very professional. For the few mins watching, I could see the joy the new owner has getting his nice bike.

    This is exactly what I'm driving for when I work all those hours.

    Congrats to the owner, enjoy safely what you've worked for!

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