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  1. When I was a kid in the 60-70's I thought that would be cool riding without helmet because here it is forbidden to ride without one. And now, in my 50ยด I relized that is irresponsable to ride without protection. Maybe i'm not the tough guy I used to be.

  2. not to mention all other makes and models of bikes have the mentality is not what you ride but that you do ride Harley guys it's always been if it ain't hardly it ain't shit I never bought into the leather chaps vest boots wallet chain bandanas tattoos and Loud Pipes once again just my opinion and opinions are like assholes everybody's got one

  3. it's not that Harleys are unreliable sorry guys ive owned 3 and won't ever own another one just my preference what kills the Harley Motors is heat you get 50000 miles out of a Harley motor you're doing great can't count how many ads I've seen for used Harleys that said 42000 miles new motor a rebuilt motor the most reliable Harley I owned was a fat boy the ultra cl was a pos and so was my superglide have a honda vtx 1300 now with over 125,000 miles on it and never been in the shop other than gen maint its not about hateing harleys as a previous owner i just doint like them which is funny because all 3 but I owned I bought because all of my friends had one also the guy that mention made in America you need to do your research they might be assembled in America research where the parts come from I'm sure you'll be surprised

  4. it really upsets me when people say harleys are super unreliable. both my parents have ridden thousands of miles on harleys, never had a problem. my 01 road king has 63k miles on it. and runs great

  5. Do you guys charge dealer fees on top of the list prices on the site, or is it only shipping costs that are added?

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