Harley Davidson Road Glide Mountain Adventure

Harley Davidson Road Glide Mountain Adventure

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Harley Davidson Road Glide Mountain Adventure

One of the best riding days of my california vacation, took this road on the recommendation of Tim Kreitz and it did not disappoint. I can honestly say I’ve never ridden anything like this in my life, the San Jacinto mountains were beautiful, idyllwild looked like it was out of a postcard and the roads were perfect. All in all the perfect day of riding motorcycles. Get ready for a whole lot of me saying “wow thats amazing” but hey…. I was left speechless by it.

Tim Kreitz also does a whole lot of adventure style vlogs, check him out here and tell him shadetree sent ya. https://www.youtube.com/user/LittleNuclearBastard

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This was one of the last days we spent in California riding the Road Glide but I’ve got plenty more videos. This was just an easy one to edit and with the bad weather heading our way I wanted to get something up for you guys because I don’t know if we will be without electricity for a while. Keep it weird y’all #shadetreearmy
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  1. I was born and raised in ca but now live in Fort Walton Fl I do miss the riding there! the further north you go the better it gets not only mountain riding but along the ca coast along highway 1 is probably the best riding anywhere?
    and your right Florida don't have rocks! lol

  2. I used to live up there in Anza. Idywild has a cool little bar there in the middle of all those streets. You rode through garner valley and down the backside to Palm Desert on the 74. Very nice ride! To bad you didn't get to do the Ortega hwy with stops at Hell's Kitchen and cook's corner on the Orange county side!

  3. Looks amazing up there. Being from Ireland, I see a lot more rolling hills, with a few small mountainous regions and a few small flat regions. A friend is moving to colorado so I'm looking at the possibility of renting a bike if I visit. From Colorado Springs you can go west and be up in some serious mountains like this, out to pikes peak even, while going east brings you into some dead flat plains. Would certainly give me a taste of those extremes.

  4. @shadetree surgeon If you have never made the trip you should plan to go out to the Grand canyon if you ever make your way out west again. If the California desert blew your mind….you gotta go.

  5. My oldest son and I just got back from a motorcycle trip to Montana. It's all I can think about since we've been home. Beautiful country you're riding through. Dig it.

  6. Thanks for the trip, It was fun to watch. You two take care down there in Florida, the storm is upon you. Looks Like the next Vlog will be on the KTM.

  7. I live in Washington state. There are mountains and mounts which are even bigger. Ever get up this way, look me up and I'll take you on the best scenery this country has.

  8. Hey Shadetree! Wishin you guys the best in the shade of Irma. Looks like hard times a comin for lots of folks. Peace, Love, & Chicken Grease!

  9. If you come back to CA and you want to experience the North Bay Area, drop me a line and I'd be happy to show you around Napa/Sonoma and maybe even up the North Coast, where the biggest trees in the world live. A mind is not fully blown until you stand in the misty silence of massive coastal redwoods in my opinion!

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