Harley Davidson Riders Go Against Traffic, Yogya Bikers Respond

Harley Davidson Riders Go Against Traffic, Yogya Bikers Respond

TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta – The event of Harley Davidson riders who joined in the Road Glide Owners Group (RGOG) which took place on March 2-4, in Yogya and Solo became the spotlight after an incident of going against the traffic on the city`s road conducted by a number of Harley bikers in Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta. It was recorded by residents who uploaded it to social media accounts ‘Info Cegatan Jogja’ (Jogja City Flash News) and became viral on Friday, March 2.

Although it was removed, the highlight seems still added the long row of a negative impression for Harley riders.

“We, bikers in Yogya, are actually very open and ready to welcome the various biker communities from outside who want to hold the event here, but please respect us and the residents here with the orderly traffic,” said Yonnaldo Sipahelut, who represented the Yogyakarta Bikers community, about the viral video, Monday 5 March.

Yonnaldo said, even though he did not participate in the event, he must accept the spotlight of generalization bikers who were reckless. Actually, in the event, Yogya was only as a transit place before the group left to Solo for the peak event.

“So far, in the bikers community there has been talking about brotherhood, but not all things we have to support, wrong is wrong,” he said.

Yonnaldo also regretted that the main jargon of Safety Riding which has been carried by the biker for touring activities as neglected by the event. “Against the current is definitely not a safety riding, but suicide together,” he said. In the viral video, there were dozens of Harley riders recklessly against the current despite the crowded street conditions of the opposite currents.

Even if it involves a patrol unit and police patrols, the bikers were also obedient according to police instructions. Not making your own path and reckless in order to show yourself. “Large capacity motorcycle, medium or small, they all pay same taxes to the country, so the road does not belong to certain riders only,” he said.

The person in charge of the event, Adi Satri Pambudi, said that the Harley troupe participating in the event was about 150 Harley Davidson motorcycles.


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