Harley-Davidson Recalls 46000 Bikes Due to Oil Leaks

Harley-Davidson Recalls 46000 Bikes Due to Oil Leaks

Riding a big bike isn’t all that easy. Sure, driving may be relatively simple, but with bikes, being able to balance on two wheels isn’t enough. One should take extra precautions because with bikes, the driver is more vulnerable to outside forces. This means that when riding, the bike should be in good condition. Vehicles need sufficient lubrication for them to run properly, but with bikes, too much oil is disastrous, and this is the reason why Harley-Davidson has recalled tens of thousands of their 2017 touring bikes.

Facebook/harley-davidsonHarley-Davidson recalled about 46,000 of their 2017 touring lineup, including the Road King.

According to Fox News, Harley-Davidson is recalling some 46,000 motorcycles exclusively in the U.S. because of a certain issue with oil. The touring line that will be recalled includes the Street Glide, Road King, Police Road King, Road Glide, and Road Glide Special, among many others.

The issue at hand is because of a problem with the engine cooler line clamp, which is reported to not have been installed properly, leading to the Harley-Davidson bikes creating and leaving dangerous oil slicks. Oil slicks and two-wheelers don’t actually mesh well and there are reports of two Harley-Davidson bikes crashing, which left one injured while nine reports indicate that the clamp had come loose. There are two repercussions when a vehicle loses engine oil. The first one is that the loss of oil could lead to engine failure and the second one is that the leaks caused by the oil could lead to a terrible and fatal crash.

These reported defects have caused the company to recall their bikes so that they could properly inspect the vehicles for defects. If the clamps are indeed found to be defective, the company promised to replace the clamps at no cost to the owners. Harley-Davidson also promised to double their inspections in order to avoid future problems and ensure the safety of their customers.

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