Harley Davidson presents the latest in their line of motorcycles

Harley Davidson presents the latest in their line of motorcycles

It looks more streamlined, like a sport bike, but there’s one notable difference… NO EXHAUST PIPES.  

That’s right!  Harley Davidson dips its proverbial toe into the electric vehicle market with the LiveWire.  The first of its kind, Harley Davidson has put a lot of energy (pun intended) into the design and production of this bike and it shows. 

Paul James, PR Manager for Harley Davidson says the design process started in 2010. 

“We did global research, and we learned from customers around the world that there was a strong interest and a desire for an electric motorcycle.” states James.

And it culminates in this production 2020 model available at dealerships this fall.  

The bike does not have the traditional “potato-potato” engine sound.  It sounds more like a turbine.  But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have power.  In fact, this model is able to make it from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds.  

The bike can go up to 146 highway miles on one charge.  James says, “using the DC Fast-Charge, it can go from 0-80% in less than 40 minutes.”

“The other way to charge is at home through your standard home outlet overnight, kind of like you charge your cell phone.” explains James.

There’s also no need to time out the clutch and throttle to change gears, the LiveWire has what’s known as “Twist and Go” technology.  With a twist of your wrist, the engine picks up speed and you’re off and running.

In this case, being environmentally conscious does come with a bit of a price tag.  This halo model (first of the new line) will cost $29,799, but it does include 2 years of free charging at any participating Harley Davidson Dealer, plus 500 kWh of free charging in the “Electrify America” network. 

No other options are available other than color but by 2022 there will be 2-4 new electric vehicles to round out the portfolio.

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