Harley-Davidson Panhead 1961

harley davidson panhead 1961
harley davidson panhead 1961

The Panhead engine replaced the Knucklehead nice, with new aluminum cylinder heads, increased lubrication and hydraulic tappets as major improvements.
The Duo Glide model was manufactured between 1958 and 1965.
Drive a Panhead, is to feel and enjoy the ultimate essence of what a authentic Harley!
Its personalized to my liking and … spectacular!
Thank you for watching!!

El motor Panhead sustituyó al bonito Knucklehead, con nueva culata de aluminio, mayor engrase y empujadores hidráulicos como mejoras mas importantes. El modelo Duo Glide se fabricó de 1958 a 1965.
Salir a rodar con una Panhead, es sentir y disfrutar de la máxima esencia de lo que es una autentica Harley!
Esta personalizada a mi gusto, pero espectacular!

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  1. A lot of stuff about it is incorrect for a 61, but who cares, it's a beautiful bike. I restored a 1959, with pretty much the same philosophy, I kept the stuff that I liked stylistically, and got rid of the stuff I didn't like. The 61 originally had the ugly snorkel, all enclosed, aluminum headlight. I think he made the right move putting the 7 inch bucket with spots on it. Much better, old school look. I put 5 gallon tanks on mine, they were originally 3.8 gallon, I put hidden belt primary drive on it, to smooth it out and get taller gears, because of the bigger counter sprocket. I put a tombstone tail light on it, which was supposed to be a honeycomb or bee hive taillight, but I hated the looks of them, and loved the tombstone look. I kept all the drive train, engine and electrical's original. It was a a 6 volt system. That's the beauty of building your own, you can do it however you want it to look. Nice job, on a gorgeous bike. KUDOS

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