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  1. First thing I learned was if you see a rider go down, you are suppose to maintain control of your bike and look away until you can pull over safely. The front rider saw or was notified by the passenger that Joe Blow went down. His thought was, "Oh shit!" And he let his instincts make a bad decision in telling him, you gotta stop right now!!!
    Joker @ss Joe's, I don't find any humor when anyone goes down.

  2. Notice how the road eats into the white line. This is truly a poor piece of road. You can't see why the first bike got into that situation, but the second bike was responding to the first and also had a passenger. As he pulled to the edge to lend assistance, he got caught in the trap. Don't forget, at that slow speed, if the bike dropped to the right, you must steer to the right to get back under it. I guess it's all fun for some of you to yuk it up about Harley riders but it takes some skill to ride with a passenger on an 850 lb. bike. Sure it's rider error, but only those that feel immortal don't think that something won't catch them by surprise.

  3. Do you suppose they may have made the corner if they had of been riding a good bike instead of those two wheel trucks?

  4. that's just bad riders….they look like they can do the same thing riding scooters. ….and how did the rider in front fall after the other guy went 1st?

  5. the second rider cut the round tooooo much and fall over the border , the first seems that want to PARK to help the second but he dont see how the road is ride horizontally the road and fall into the right side of the street ….. ahahhahahahahhahahhaa

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