Harley-Davidson organises ride to Mana Pass for IMA cadets and Army officers

harley davidson IMA ride to mana pass main image
harley davidson IMA ride to mana pass main image

Harley-Davidson India recently took cadets and officers of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) on a ride to Mana Pass, Mana being the last Indian village before the Indo-China border. The ride was kicked off from the base at the IMA in Dehradun, and included 12 GCs of the IMA and five officers of the Indian Military. The objective of this ride was to fuel an interest in motorcycling among cadets and officers alike. Nestled between the Himalayas, on the border of India and Tibet, Mana Pass is 18,192 feet above sea level.

Earlier this month, in order to educate and inform cadets about safe riding, Harley-Davidson India conducted an exclusive edition of Passport to Freedom for the IMA. Also, Harley-Davidson plans to continue to conduct these sessions with IMA over the years to come.

Harley have been instrumental in promoting riding culture in India. The 30-year-old motorcycle club called H.O.G (Harley Owners Group) organises rides for Harley riders every now and then. There is, in fact, a H.O.G group dedicated entirely to women riders.

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While H.O.G has already conducted several rides in 2017, there are more in store. On 20th August, a group will set off for Leh, the H.O.G Northern Rally will set off for Jodhpur in September, the Eastern Rally will be flagged off for Nagpur on 10th November and finally the Southern Rally will be off for Coimbatore on 15th December.

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