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  1. Hello I have a question if you're still reading this post. I purchased a 2003 dyna super glide and the oil was very dark and dirty. Ok after doing an oil and filter and changing the new oil synthetic it seemed to had picking up the old oil left behind. I put on 300 mile over the past 2 years and this new summer although not a lot of miles on the oil I'm thinking of changing it again. How can I get it golden with multi cheap oil changes just to clean it not keep in the case. also re-clean filter until im happy with the color of oil then put on a new filter with fresh synthetic oil. What I'm saying is if i do an oil change the new oil will still get dirty and will be a waste of money, so I'd like to clean out the crank case before replacing a new oil and filter. thanks Lou

  2. Thank you for this useful video.  I will be changing the oil and filter in my Dyna soon and this video was certainly a big help in getting started.  I made sure to buy a different style filter wrench than the one you had difficulty with and got the service manuals as well.  Thank you!

  3. I have had my FXDB Street Bob for 5 months now (purchased from new), when the 1000 mile service was done I had a K&N oil filter installed (not much difference in the price), I had this done because, (A) quality part and (B) the ease of removal due to the nut fitting fixed on the end of the filter. It makes it so much easier to remove and no need for removal tools just a socket. After paying almost ÂŁ300 for that service I am glad that I did choose the K&N as I will be doing the 5000 mile service myself. I also have experienced a fault with my bike, namely a break in the wiring loom, the dealership replaced it under the warranty and gave me a Wide Glide to use while the had the bike. Very happy with the service my dealership gave me.

  4. ON the oil filter you could just drive a screwdriver through the side at a top angle and turn it a little to break the seal. its not like your gonna keep it. Easy and its already in the toolbox.

  5. I've got an 09 Dyna Fatbob and I hate it. The first week I let my brother take on a trip from TN to GA and the rear brake locked up. It had to be HAULED on a rollback to a Harley dealer which TRIED to say it wasn't covered under warranty, a week old BRAND NEW bike not covered !!!! Called the corporate office that said it WAS covered. Got it home and realized the left mirror was about 2 inches taller than the right mirror. Took it to the dealer, they claimed I switched mirrors and it wasn't covered under warranty…called corporate office AGAIN to complain and found out it WAS covered. THEN Harley told me ONLY they could change the oil at $330 each time or it voided my warranty….AGAIN with the warranty. So I paid the bike off immediately.
    I will NEVER own another piece of trash Harley ever again. Give me a big ol Jap cruiser anyday.

  6. u never changed oil before to not kno u need another tool cause we mechanics all kno strap wrench sucks shit

  7. One more gripe about that crappy oil filter wrench….it crushed the old oil filter casing and caused it to crack open in spots. Waste oil from the filter went everywhere. I had a bunch of paper towel stuck in under the filter to soak up the expected oil drips but wasn't expecting to strike oil like Jed Clampett!

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