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  1. I own a Harley and a Honda Watching this video was comparable to listen to nails on a chalk boardI'm embarrassed for youYour bikes should be taken and sold for parts

  2. wait…dirt bikes/supermotos aren't in the sports and cruiser war lol,they are like basically both kinda. you can cruise, weave through traffic, do stunts, pick up girls or guys if u go that way, and some have speed lol,we are like the peace makers lol

  3. it'll never happen,sports bikes and dirt bikes get more girls than most Harleys,plus a guy did a social experiment and boom sports bikes attract girls easier

  4. Video made back in 2012, this shows how long Harley Davidson has been slipping down in sales by just advertising the life style of a Harley rider compared to other motorcycle owners to try and sell their bikes. Hey, to each his own, im no hater but I believe the Harley Davidson motorcycle company wont last very long trying to sell bike like this.

  5. Oh Shit. Dude on the red bagger was using one fucking finger on his brake. What kind of fucking technique is that shit? Who the fuck is teaching these people how to ride these days? SMH

  6. This commercial might be on to something. All kinds of trim show up when I'm rolling my thumper. Nothing I would brag about though. I'm afraid they would give my seat some kind of weird infection. Maybe I should go back to my R1.

  7. what the f*** was that you make people embarrassed to ride Harleys and street bikers will always hate us because of dip shits like you

  8. LOL! fake DOT stickers on a skid-lid! I wear 'em minus the decals. I went from a Kawi 6r to a V-Rod and ride it like I stole it.
    No problem maneuvering through busy traffic and the throttle is responsive with power to quickly past any car on the highway.
    What's wrong with a low quality pick-up ride? You not gonna take her home to meet Momma.

  9. I've always hated Harleys have no power,there loud and just plain ugly. that ass on back of the sport bike looked better then when she sat it down on that Harley lol fucking goldwing looking baggage rider lol

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