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  1. great to hear open minded comments..to many people get hung up on brands..as we all know its just getting out and riding..enough said

  2. Maikeli7: Thanks for you point of view. The liquid cooled Mt. Rushmore Project bikes have been having coolant leaks and Harley refuses to fix the problem, as usually, they claim no responsibility.

  3. Project Mount Rushmore, eh? That's you're latest love? It's not even a real liquid cooled engine, has no water jackets in the cylinders. It uses TWO outboard radiators, and only cools the exhaust valves on the high heat output, Twin Cam engine. And you still need a rear cylinder heat shield, to keep the family jewels from frying, despite the radiators. And the rear cylinder has a Cut Off Sensor, to cut off the rear cylinder, when the bike is idling, despite, "liquid cooling". That is the latest Harley technology? And the first time you drop the bike on either side, scratch one radiator and cooling fan, and you'll have a hazmat disaster on your hands as the liquid coolant, is running all over the pavement. And as far as the Sequential Port Fuel Injection goes, it has many sensors, near the hot engine, and the first time one fries out, you are stopped in the middle of nowhere, time to call a tow truck. A bike with a carb, can be fixed roadside and on your way, again. Never mind the Twin Cam engine, having lots of PLASTIC, in critical engine components, like on the Two Roller Chain drives to operate the two cams. The Plastic cam chain tensioners were designed to wear out and must be periodically inspected, (at a cost), and to be periodically replaced, (at a greater cost), or crater the engine, when the PLASTIC tension pads, wear out and you have  metal to metal contact, and the metal shavings are inducted in the oil pump, crankcase and cylinders and the engine seizes up while you are riding and locks up the rear tire, while spewing out, hot, 250+, oil all over the rear tire as you are cruising down the highway. Never mind the pressed together crankshaft on all Twin Cam engines, which can and have twisted out of true and crater the engine. Most Harley owners, don't even know anything about their engines they ride……….they just love the cool factor look of the Harley. Reality is brutal, isn't it? CAVEAT EMPTOR – LET THE BUYER BEWARE, the Twin Cam engine.

  4. I wasn't fond of the giant Ultra Classic myself but it grew on me. I'd like another model too. A Sportster. A 2014 Sportster 48. Damn. We think alike.

  5. I started out on dirtbikes. 8 years old. Moved up to 250cc bikes. Big Honda ATCs. Then, marriage kids and a nasty divorce and I'm free again. This is 1999. First street bike was a Suzuki Katana 600. Wrecked that one a few times but had a blast on it. Had a CBR and a few close calls with immovable objects so I hang it up.

    Met my wife I'm married to now (I'm a slow learner) in 2007. She likes bikes. Harley Heritage Softail Classics to be specific. We start looking around for bikes. Find a well used 2001 RoadGlide in January 2013. Bought it. No test rides, but the ride home made up my mind. Harley or nothing now. There's really not anything like it. Now I have both my Ultra Limited and the wife's FreeWheeler (2015s).

    "It speaks to my soul" you say? You're right brotha. Your 1000% right in every language. I completely understand.

    Ride safe!

  6. No worries M7…try me on ThomasB100 @Comcast.net. I can respond very efficiently that way as I carry my cell phone most of the time and corresponding via youtube can get a bit cumbersome at times for all of us.

  7. I love Harley Davidson Motorcycles and the United States of America. The two things go together. M7 if you are interested in exchanging email addresses let me know and we can discuss MB on email.Let me know.

  8. felt the same appeal since my Young twenties,had no money then,put the idea on the back burner for 40 years,was a firefighter ,had 3 daughters,so no time for fantasy. then  60 hit me like a ton of brick, and the IDEA resurfaced, went to shop around ,saw this beauty,road-king classic, bought it, rode 5 years, I loved it,but my wife back-end suffered, went tot the shop for a new seat, had to cross the sales floor to get to parts dept, saw this beautiful and confy  ULTRA LIM. a good seat,on it, couldn,t resist , and my wife ,s been happy to sit on ever since………. Happy riding to all.

  9. I like that…"it speaks to my soul".
    I'd have one of every bike, too, if I had Leno's kind of money.
    Heck, I've even thought about getting a Honda Rebel just for the fun factor. :)

  10. I think also it's the ppl you meet, if you are associated w/the local chapter, always events at dealership, group rides, hang out at dealership, it's definitely not for someone on a tight budget though . Love my Road King.  

  11. I have a old honda Ace and 2 months ago I went to get another bike but because of the bone cancer thing. Well I did not want to spend a lot so I went back to Honda,and got a so called mint one that had only 10000 miles on it and this Vtx looked so good .. But deep down I wanted a HD so bad! But the dealer kept telling me it's a,nice bike! So I bought it! Well now after 2 months of going in to the shop for repairs and now over $3000 in repairs I could have bought a 2008 HD. And been happy! 

  12. I agree that the Rushmore models are a good step up.  Had I known they were coming out with a Rushmore Road Glide Ultra I would have waited to check out the Road Glide vs Street Glide Ultra models. Oh well such as it is. Nice to hear the bit  passed the previous freeze. Cheers

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