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  1. you can go over a over pass an give it the gas an it can happen it has happened to me but they do make a front end that can correct the problem ! If you ever had it happen to u you don't want it ever to happen again unless you have a death wish ! Been there done that !

  2. Aside from the design flaw this can happen on any motorcycle from any manufacturer. Its something we all need to be aware of though.

  3. The "real' wobble was fixed.  And by "real", I mean the design flaw that kicked off the term.  FL chassis bikes had a frame that would flex and  bend in a turn.  it upset the balance of the bike, and caused the back end to shimmy – or "wobble' It was fixed in 2009, and the fix was refined again in 2012 and 2014.  Any other "wobble" you are seeing, is a fault of bad add-ons or tires.

  4. as i understand it the "death wobble" people refer to is caused by chassis flex and was addressed in the 09 and newer chassis when harley redesigned it and made it stiffer there is a bagger brace i think its called that u can bolt on to older touring models that helps this it connects the frame rails under the oil pan to stiffen the chassis

  5. never had a problem with our ultra classic or my 2016 street glide.. On thing I make sure the front motor mounts bolts are tight! If loose then you will have the wobel!

  6. I was riding with a friend on a Dyna, I observed his bike wobbling so much I backed off because I thought he was going down. I told him to have it checked out… mechanic told him almost all of his spokes were loose. I'd say the bikes with mag wheels will not experience this problem

  7. I have been riding since 1982 , 1 Suzuki , 1 Kawasaki , 1 Ironhorse , 5 Honda's , 4 Yamaha's , and 5 Harley-Davidson's , never have I had a death wobble , on any of my bikes , however , I have experienced poor quality in handling , and control when I have had worn , or under inflated tires , most common  issue in a slight low speed side to side movement in handle bars , be safe out there , and become one with your machines .

  8. I've been in the industry for over 30 years, and can't figure out the fascination with these antique or vintage style motorcycles, when better layouts exist.
    The easiest thing to say, is if you want a motorcycle that is expensive in every way, then by all means buy a harley. BUT it also means you're stuck with a non-performing, high maintenance low tech machine that has these built in problems that cannot be solved.
    STAY UNDER 80MPH and you're less likely to experience this problem. AND of course wear proper riding gear and helmets if you have anything in your head to protect!
    If you want a riders bike, something you can go places on, and ride in traffic and run any speed that traffic is running, and NOT experience these problems, then buy an IMPORT modern design, not a vintage style import, but of modern design.
    You won't have these issues on Goldwings, BMW's or other up to date machines!
    It's that simple…

  9. I would like to make an apology. I mentioned my 2016 road glide went into a high speed wobble in a corner, this did happen. I revisited that piece of hi way in the daylight at a much.slower speed. It turns out there is a nasty expansion joint midway through the corner, similar to hitting.a speed bump

  10. I really hope no one gets hurt or killed out there because you know little of what you speek of.Death wobble =Rear Steer=Rear Wheel,not tank slap or front end problems. Your load and ect…. explination of the rear of the bike is the cause of rear steer "death wobble"is pure fiction ! I tore mine completely down,and I KNOW exactly what causes it.Any one wanting to correct this problem get the rubber glide pro rear swing arm bushings and the origional true-track stableizer…….or listen to these people,your choice…………

  11. I am going to have the dealership take a look, I was not loaded down, was riding solo, 40lbs in air shocks, riding fast, like I always have on my dynas, will be riding much slower in corners on this touring model from now on, that being said, I love my new ride

  12. I have a brand new 2016 road glide with 400 miles on it, I was in a corner and it went into a wobble, scared the shit out of me

  13. Uneven fork oil level will do it also and neck Timken bearings wear mostly front to rear due to leverage effect when serviced ( greased ) the worn rollers are now in a different place and that can cause it

  14. ya thats all crap my electra glide never has a wobble there is one really old video of a cop or some thing on a track. but like you said mostly tire problems bad bearings in you front end etc and bad maintenance will get you on any bike

  15. I read about the wobble on the 2009 and earlier Street Glide and found that Harley made some improvements to the frame to mitigate the problem. I bought a 2013 and didn't experience this until I pushed it in a relatively high speed long sweeping curve on the Highway. So, the design improvements were not completely successful. I read of a few others that had a similar experience.

    I brought the bike to the dealer for inspection and was told everything was to specification and there was nothing they could do. I promptly traded it in on a 2015. I put a few miles on it to get the skin off the tires and then headed right back to where I had the wobble. I hit it at the same speed and I flew through the curve without an issue. The redesign on the 2014 Rushmore had once again a lot of structural improvements. Why would Harley go through this if there still weren't some issues? Based on my experience I think the Rushmore design is a big improvement over the prior generations.

    I think the reason so few experienced the wobble is they don't ride close to the bikes limits. I would strongly recommend that anyone who rides hard try out a 2014 or newer. The difference from older generations is notable. 

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