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2017 Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight First Ride Review

It’s the smoothest Harley Big Twin that Lemmy has ever felt. Not bad praise from a man who has twisted the throttle on many. In the Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight First Ride Review, Lemmy takes the MoCo.’s newest edition out for a quick trip through Tacoma, WA to get a first glimpse at what the long-awaited powerplant can do. As steeped in tradition as it is packed with technology, the new Milwaukee Eight has firmly asserted itself into the conversation, and time will tell the effect that it has on the market as a whole.
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  1. This sounds good and all but my hope is HD will give the sportster a new engine  (while I'm still young).  HD has some of the best looking bikes on the market but I feel they are greatly under powered.  This looks like a move in the right direction.

  2. It surprises me that they didn't convert to led lights with all the changes and cost of this bike making these changes would make it seem more modern

  3. An honest review from a man who knows his stuff. I love watching videos like this, actually on the bike. I'll stick with my old Sporty but maybe one day I'll take their new engine for a spin. Great video!!

  4. Lenny c`mon man. A Simpson helmet?? Get rid of that old technology and get a quiet, leak proof lid like Schuberth or Arai, or Shoei.

  5. I know it's a little off-topic, but I'd like to ask wether you need a guy that does German subtitles for every video you upload on this YouTube channel? I am willing to do it, because I not only want to help out your great company, but also improve my translation skills in the process of doing so. It would certainly be an honor and taken seriously by me, as I want the Revzilla community to get even bigger as it already is!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  6. Sorry Harley not buying your BS no more for the price you can get way more motorcycle in almost any brand and they will perform so good you will wonder why you ride it's not about fad. This is a great time for motorcyclist don't get fooled by the brand thing try the other great bikes out there you will never look back I haven't

  7. You know what I'd love to see you guys do? A mix between Motorcyclist Magazine's MC Commute series, and Regular Car Reviews (Who does do MC's occasionally and they're always my favorite). Just quick synopses of the bikes y'all ride every day. The work you've done to them, pros/cons, and tips for perspective buyers on bikes that are 3, 5, or 10+ years old. Not a ton of quality content around used bikes, I feel like (Please point me to it if it exists).

    Anyway, keep up the great work! You guys rock.

  8. Best review so far! Other reviews almost seem to be a commercial for HD. I ride a RK 2016 and because of your details I can see that even more "refinements" are on the way. Are we headed toward a GoldWing-Lite down the road? If this was 2020 I would definitely consider a trade. Thanks.

  9. I'll STAY with older Harleys!  Harley needs to stay away from all of this new tech (if someone wants that great but Harley should make it ALL optional)!

  10. if the Rushmore versions were so thought out and even missed a yr for the RG, why did they come out so quick with a reworked bike? Did they find the Rushmore's didn't meet expectations or what?

  11. I am surprised the new engine not is totally water cooled. I am relating to noice levels, pollution and power etc. The new euro rules are very hard in this aspect.

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