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  1. the only real bike in this video is the Harley. what a shame the rider was trying to ride it like them douchebags on the street bikes. those plastic street bikes are nothing but plastic little pos hahaha

  2. He would have made it if he didn't put his left foot on the asphalt, then it went back and under the saddlebag.

  3. I have good news  Harley got fined for some of their illegal   tuning tricks and paid 12 million in fines because of their screaming eagle pro super tuner and their race tuner.  They are recalling them all and have been ordered by the government to destroy all of them and Harley is complying.  Now if the government will crack down just as hard on their custom loud exhausts it would be a grand day.  Just think of what it would be like if Harley riders couldn't make noise and attract attention to themselves?  Harleys and the Neanderthals that ride them would disappear like a fart in a wind storm!

  4. Here is some facts that Harley asshole's might find interesting.  In early 1985  the Cycle magazine did there usual road tests  The Harley super glide made 59 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno and cost 10,600 bucks. The next month Cycle did a test on the new V-Max, it made 119 hp to the rear wheel on the dyno and cost 5,300 bucks,  HOW ABOUT THAT HARLEY ASSHOLES, DOUBLE THE HORSEPOWER FOR HALF THE MONEY?

  5. I have the most exciting news. Harley Davidson is coming out with another new model! It is going to be called the ego-mobile, As an added extra they are going to furnish a Do-rag,a piss -pot helmet and also a first grade primer book , so the buyer can learn how to read and write!

  6. Man why do you hide from me jimmy? Why won't you tell us what chapter or if you was flat rate or salary?

    Why do you keep avoiding the questions?

  7. The mini-series "Harley and the Davidsons " ended earlier tonight. A good show! And Monday is starting a new chopper series, "Sacred Steel Bikes." Bound to piss off Jimmy.

  8. if the dumbass would of never let his foot drag it would of been a different scenario. my floor boards always scrap but I would never put my foot down in such a tight lean.

  9. Here is my argument with most Harley riders.  Scooter George said it yesterday. Now I think George is probably an intelligent person except when it comes to motorcycles. The reason I say this is because of the reasons he likes Harley. And his reason apply to most Harley riders I know.  And  the reasons are nuts. Here is some of them and not one of them improves performance or makes for a better motorcycle. NAME, SOUND, STYLE. LUMPY HIGH LIFT CAM SOUND,  HE LEFT OUT BADASS AND COOL!  CAN'T YOU JUST SEE THE OWNER OF HONDA, walking down to his engineers with this fucking list and saying to them I want you to design this into our new model, because , we are trying to sell the new bikes to a bunch of uneducated Neanderthals!

  10. I wonder if the average Harley rider has any idea how charming he looks coming toward automobile and normal bike riders. The first thing I see is this big pair of feet on crash bar pegs, then legs spread apart like a gynecologist couch exam,  next arms wide , and then but not least, a two dollar piss pot on his head with a strap on it.  I will admit I always start laughing a little.   I always ask myself , man if that's what it takes to be cool count me out!

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