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  1. As a general rule I loathe Harley Davidson pig iron buuuuuuuuuuuuuut Harley I'm down with your electric bike. Just price it right and be realistic with your pricing and you'll have to build bigger factories to keep up with demand. LEARN FROM ZERO bikes… their prices are fucktarded and I'd rather buy a bike that runs on poar bear blood than fork out the insane price zero wants for their SHORT distance shitbox iPhone on two wheels….1 second ago•

  2. If the company wants to have some sound in their electric bike, ok..!!! but the loudness should not more so to disturb or thrill others. I wish that the company will build their bike with keeping this in mind.

  3. I take it as a indicator for how stupid everybody is that they even need to assure "don't worry, we won't make these mainly, we stay non electric". Yeah, you only can compensate a small penis, if your bike makes sound, nice logic Karl.

  4. Looks great, feels pretty polished to be a prototype.
    Engineering wise looks top-notch.
    Sounds espectacular for a electric bike.
    All ingredients are together for a market ready product.

  5. the minimum range has to be better than 300 miles at interstate speeds charge time has to be the same time it takes to eat a chicken-fried steak,mashed potatoes and gravy,two rolls and a slice of apple-pie at the truck stop other wise its a useless as a motorcycle.

  6. This is a eletric buel with an nice ass… we want some ape hangers, softail that looks like an hardtail, foward controls and saddlebags.. ty!

  7. why do these idiot thinks its ok to make all that damn noise. helmets save lives. 16yo girls crave less attention than harley riders

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