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  1. harley didnt make a 883 iron head.. all iron heads are either 900 cc . 1000cc. 750cc flat tracker.. 1100 cc.. but no 883 iron head…

  2. Oh yes, have a stock Iron and a Fourty-Eight start at the same place and same time; Depending on the distance, the Iron would easily win for the sheer fact that the tank is bigger.
    The Fourty-Eight and its peanut tank will be stopping every 60 or so miles (depending on what you have added on) for gas.

  3. They are respectable quick at 4-5 seconds 0-60. Besides people buy them for cruising and kicking back….not everything is about speed, some people need to grow up.

  4. and thats why i put a nhrs 1250 kit on my 883. that and new air intake and pipes fun as hell. and plenty dang fast.

  5. Harley Davidson 1200cc's for $1500 – $1500 (north jersey, jersey shore,central jersey,south jersey)

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    Convert your 883 Sportster (most model years)to a 1200cc ground pounder! Parts included, cylinders machined, lifters, pushrods, cams, gasket kit and oil and filter change. We also do big twins!!!!Call now 2012804790 and get your bike ready for spring! It's just weeks away! Please no scams. I've heard them all. Serious inquires only.do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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    posted: 2016-04-07 11:48am

    updated: 2016-05-02 10:05pm

  6. I've ridden both, owned a 1200 Custom for 4.5 years before getting my Fat Bob.  There's NO WAY I'd own an 883!  Might as well get a KLR 650 if you want to go that slow.  My advice is; if you want a Harley and are considering getting the 883 because you can't afford the 1200, WAIT!  Wait until you CAN afford the 1200 or better yet, a big bike.  You'll get spanked by everything on wheels with an engine if you get the 883.  It's a dog!  And face it, no one wants to be on a slow bike.  That's like having a really nice slow car, WHY???

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