Harley Davidson FXSB Softail Breakout Custom

Harley Davidson FXSB Softail Breakout Custom

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  1. Great looking bike, but, lose that Twin Cam engine, can't compare to the Harley, EVO, single cam, engine, which used a real METAL GEAR DRIVE to operate the cam, unlike the Twin Cam engines which us Roller Chain Drive with two PLASTIC, cam chain tension pads, which are designed to wear out and to be periodically inspected for wear (for a cost), and to be periodically replaced for wear, ( at a cost), because failure to change out a worn out tension pad, will crater the engine, immediately and it will seize up.  The EVO used a bolted together crankshaft to always run true, whereas, the Twin Cam, uses a pressed together crankshaft, which, on a hit or miss, basis, can come out of true and crater the engine, too.

  2. another question, the rear fender, did you customized the stock one?, beautiful machine, the brakeout is next on my list, already have the vrod and the 48, this one definitely next

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