harley davidson: Former Harley-Davidson assembly plant in India now manufacturing Mayuri e-rickshaws

harley davidson Former Harley Davidson assembly plant in India now manufacturing
harley davidson Former Harley Davidson assembly plant in India now manufacturing

A Bawal, Haryana-based vehicle assembly plant, that was formerly used to assemble American cult Harley Davidson motorcycles is now rolling out electric rickshaws.

Saera Electric Auto Pvt Ltd, the plant’s new owner, has started the assembly of its Mayuri range of e-rickshaws at the plant. Next year, it will also be making electric two-wheelers at the site as part of a contract manufacturing agreement with defunct auto brand LML.

Saera Electric is also in talks with two other electric vehicle companies for contract manufacturing of two-wheelers at this plant, according to Nitin Kapoor, the managing director of the company. He did not disclose the names of these companies.

Harley Davidson India had taken the plant on lease. It was purchased last year by the new owners for an undisclosed sum after the American motorcycle maker made a sudden announcement to shut manufacturing in India.

The plant is currently producing 40 e-rickshaws a day but that can be ramped up to 100 a day, Kapoor said. It also has the capacity to make up to 25,000 electric scooters a month, he said. The company has its original plant at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, and has also opened a small plant on lease at Kosi, Uttar Pradesh.

Saera Electric started operations in Delhi in 2011 with its Mayuri brand of e-rickshaws. The company claims to have pioneered the concept of e-rickshaws and made it popular in north Indian markets like Delhi, Agra and Nepal.

β€œIn fact, in places like Agra and Nepal e-rickshaws are called Mayuri,” Kapoor said.

The company now has plans to launch its own line of electric two-wheelers too, targeted at commercial operators.

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